5 best shows that got canceled in 2023

Streaming platforms are constantly adding new shows to their libraries, but this means that older titles often get canceled. As we approach the end of 2023, it’s important to remember some of the best shows that were canceled this year. From the romantic teen drama “Gossip Girl” to the multilingual German horror series “1899,” these shows had their run but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. Let’s take a closer look at these canceled gems and the reasons behind their demise.

Best Shows Canceled in 2023

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl, a captivating romantic teen drama series, captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and talented cast. Set in the elite world of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the show delved into the scandalous lives of a new generation of private school teens. With its exploration of social media and the ever-evolving landscape of New York City, Gossip Girl offered a fresh take on the beloved pop culture classic. Although the series received mixed reviews initially, it quickly became one of HBO’s most-watched original titles. Unfortunately, after two seasons, the show was canceled in January 2023, leaving fans longing for more of the captivating drama.


1899, a multilingual German horror mystery sci-fi series, took audiences on a mind-bending journey aboard an immigrant ship bound for New York in the year 1899. With its mysterious events and bewildered passengers, the show offered a unique and captivating storyline. The ensemble cast delivered stellar performances, and the series received rave reviews, with some even considering it one of the best titles of the year. However, despite its success, 1899 was unexpectedly canceled by Netflix in January 2023. Fans of the show rallied together, starting a petition for Netflix to conclude the series with a special, hoping to see the story reach a satisfying conclusion.

The Great

The Great, an alternate history biographical comedy-drama, took viewers on a satirical and anachronistic journey through the rise of Catherine the Great. With its witty writing, exceptional direction, and outstanding performances by the lead cast, the show quickly became a hit among critics and audiences alike. The series followed the fictionalized story of an idealistic young girl who arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage to the mercurial Emperor Peter. Hoping to bring about change in a dangerous and backward world, she embarks on a mission to outwit the church, baffle the military, and get the court on her side. Despite its popularity, Hulu made the difficult decision to cancel The Great in August 2023, leaving fans disappointed and craving more of Catherine’s captivating journey.

The Idol

The Idol, a gripping drama series, promised to take viewers on a journey into the glamorous and tumultuous world of pop stardom. With a talented cast and a storyline centered around a pop star’s quest for redemption and success, the show garnered international attention upon its release. However, despite the initial hype, The Idol failed to live up to expectations and received mostly negative reviews. HBO made the decision to cancel the series after just one season, citing its widely negative reception. While the show may not have achieved the success it aimed for, it provided a glimpse into the dark and complex world of fame and the sacrifices artists make to reach the top.


Mindhunter, a psychological crime thriller, captivated audiences with its exploration of the psychology of murder and the FBI’s elite serial crime unit. Inspired by a true-crime book, the series delved into the late 1970s, where two FBI agents pushed the boundaries of criminal science to understand the minds of serial killers. With its gripping storyline and exceptional cinematography, Mindhunter received widespread acclaim from critics and viewers alike. However, in a surprising turn of events, the series was canceled by Netflix in February 2023, leaving fans disappointed and craving more of the intense and thought-provoking crime drama.

In conclusion, 2023 saw the cancellation of several popular shows, including Gossip Girl, 1899, The Great, The Idol, and Mindhunter. These shows had garnered positive reviews and had loyal fan bases, making their cancellation a disappointment for many viewers. However, the fast-paced nature of the streaming industry means that new content is constantly being added, and older titles are inevitably removed. While it is possible that another platform may pick up these canceled shows in the future, for now, fans will have to say goodbye to these beloved series. The cancellation of these shows serves as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of streaming platforms and the need for viewers to adapt to the constant influx of new content.


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