5 chilling details about Rhonda Richardson’s murder

Rhonda Richardson’s murder was a perplexing case that left investigators searching for answers. In the third episode of season 7 of Cold Justice, titled “Trail of Terror,” the team delves into the twisted murder of Rhonda Richardson, who was found seemingly scalped in the woods. The discovery of a scalpel next to her heavily decomposed body raised chilling questions about the sadistic killer responsible. As the investigation unfolds, shocking details emerge, including the fact that the prime suspect, Robert Dale Clary, was a registered sex offender with a history of criminal activity. With evidence pointing towards Clary’s involvement, the case takes a surprising turn when it is revealed that he had photographed Rhonda’s body and downloaded the images despite being instructed to delete them. Join the team as they uncover the truth behind this horrifying crime. The episode is set to re-air on November 11, 2023, at 5 pm EST on Oxygen.

Murder of Rhonda Richardson


The tragic murder of Rhonda Richardson sent shockwaves through her community. Rhonda was known as a kind-hearted and friendly woman, with no known enemies at work or in her neighborhood. Her untimely death occurred on May 22, 2019, when her dead body was discovered in the Sam Houston National Forest, near her residence. The circumstances surrounding her murder were both horrifying and perplexing.

Investigation and Indictment

The investigation into Rhonda Richardson’s murder was a complex and painstaking process. The San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, along with seasoned investigator Steve Spingola, worked tirelessly to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime. The discovery of Rhonda’s heavily decomposed body posed significant challenges in determining the exact cause of her death. However, it was evident that she had suffered blunt force trauma to her face and head, as well as multiple slashes on her body.

One chilling detail that emerged during the investigation was the presence of a scalpel found next to Rhonda’s body. This disturbing detail led investigators to believe that she had been scalped by a sadistic killer. The evidence began to point towards Robert Dale Clary, a registered sex offender with a history of criminal activity. Clary’s nephew, Jacen Clary, provided crucial information about his uncle’s inappropriate behavior towards Rhonda and his threats to harm her dogs.

As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that Robert Dale Clary had asked his nephew to report the crime to the authorities. He had even taken Jacen to the crime scene and instructed him not to disclose the discovery to anyone else. Suspicion grew stronger when phone records placed Clary at the crime scene at the same time as Rhonda, contradicting his initial claims. A search warrant was obtained for Clary’s residence, but the samples collected from his ATV and rug came back negative.

Another disturbing revelation was that Clary had taken photographs of Rhonda’s body when he returned to the crime scene with his nephew. Despite being asked to delete the photos by law enforcement, it was discovered that Clary had downloaded them from the cloud. His denial of downloading the photos again raised suspicions and ultimately led to his arrest on October 31, 2022.

The murder of Rhonda Richardson was a tragic and senseless act that shook the community to its core. The tireless efforts of law enforcement and the pursuit of justice for Rhonda serve as a testament to their dedication and commitment. The trial and subsequent indictment of Robert Dale Clary provide some closure to this heartbreaking case, but the scars left behind by this brutal crime will forever remain.

Chilling Details about Rhonda Richardson’s Murder

1) Scalpel Found Next to the Body

The investigation into the murder of Rhonda Richardson took a chilling turn when a scalpel was discovered next to her heavily decomposed body. This disturbing detail led investigators to believe that her killer had not only taken her life but had also subjected her to a horrifying act of scalping. The presence of the scalpel raises questions about the motive behind such a gruesome act and adds an unsettling layer to an already tragic case.

2) Perpetrator was a Registered Sex Offender

One of the most unsettling aspects of Rhonda Richardson’s murder is the fact that the prime suspect, Robert Dale Clary, was a registered sex offender. Clary’s criminal history, which included charges of indecency with a child and multiple DWI offenses, painted a disturbing picture of a man with a propensity for dangerous and unlawful behavior. This revelation raises concerns about the potential danger he posed to the community and adds a chilling dimension to the investigation.

3) Clary’s Involvement and Nephew’s Statement

The involvement of Robert Dale Clary in Rhonda Richardson’s murder came to light through the testimony of his own nephew, Jacen Clary. Jacen revealed that his uncle had made inappropriate comments about Rhonda and had expressed a one-sided interest in her. Furthermore, he disclosed that Robert had threatened to harm Rhonda’s beloved dogs. This information provided crucial insight into the suspect’s mindset and potential motives, shedding light on the disturbing dynamics surrounding the case.

4) Negative Results from Clary’s Residence

As the investigation progressed, law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Robert Dale Clary’s residence, hoping to uncover further evidence linking him to the crime. However, the samples collected from his ATV and rug yielded negative results, leaving investigators puzzled and searching for alternative leads. The absence of incriminating evidence from Clary’s residence added another layer of complexity to the case, leaving investigators to explore other avenues in their pursuit of justice.

5) Clary’s Photographs of the Body

In a shocking twist, it was discovered that Robert Dale Clary had taken photographs of Rhonda Richardson’s lifeless body when he returned to the crime scene with his nephew. Despite being instructed by law enforcement to delete the photos, Clary had downloaded them from the cloud, raising suspicions about his intentions and his level of involvement in the crime. This disturbing revelation adds a macabre element to the case and further deepens the mystery surrounding Rhonda’s tragic death.

In conclusion, the murder of Rhonda Richardson was a twisted and seemingly unjustified crime. The discovery of a scalpel next to her heavily decomposed body, the fact that the perpetrator was a registered sex offender, and the suspicious actions of Robert Dale Clary all point to his guilt. Despite negative results from samples taken at Clary’s residence, the digital evidence of him photographing the body raises strong suspicions. The investigation and subsequent indictment of Clary highlight the dedication of law enforcement in bringing justice to victims. The episode “Trail of Terror” provides a chilling account of this case, leaving viewers with a haunting reminder of the darkness that can exist in our society.


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