A police officer died of a heart attack while preventing a robbery in Córdoba

A police sergeant in Córdoba tragically lost his life while attempting to apprehend two thieves in the Pueyrredón neighborhood. Despite being on medical leave and having recently undergone heart surgery, Sergeant Oscar Soria courageously participated in the operation. Unfortunately, he suffered a fatal heart attack during the arrest. This devastating incident highlights the selflessness and dedication of law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect others.

Córdoba Police Sergeant Dies During Operation

Tragedy struck in the Pueyrredón neighborhood of Córdoba’s capital when a dedicated and courageous police sergeant lost his life during an operation. The sergeant, Second Oscar Soria, was on a mission to apprehend two thieves when the unfortunate incident occurred. His unwavering commitment to protecting the community ultimately cost him his life.

Heart Attack During Arrest

As the operation unfolded, Soria and his brother, who is also a member of the police force, noticed two individuals attempting to steal from a construction site. In the midst of apprehending one of the suspects, tragedy struck. Soria suffered a sudden heart attack, which tragically proved fatal. Despite his medical history and recent heart surgery, he fearlessly carried out his duty until the very end.

Medical History of the Sergeant

Soria’s medical history reveals a remarkable dedication to his profession. Just three weeks prior to the incident, he underwent heart surgery and had two stents implanted. Despite this, he returned to duty, fully aware of the risks involved. His selflessness and commitment to protecting others were evident in his actions, even in the face of personal health challenges.

Arrest and Attack

An intense and dramatic scene unfolded in the Pueyrredón neighborhood of Córdoba’s capital as the police successfully apprehended two thieves in the act. The swift response of the officers prevented further criminal activity and ensured the safety of the community. This incident serves as a reminder of the bravery and dedication exhibited by law enforcement personnel in the face of danger.

Thieves Caught in the Act

While on patrol, the vigilant police officers, led by Sergeant Daniel Passerini, spotted two individuals engaging in suspicious activity at a construction site. Acting swiftly, the officers moved in to apprehend the thieves, effectively thwarting their criminal intentions. This successful operation demonstrates the effectiveness of proactive policing in maintaining law and order.

Attack on the Police Officers

In a shocking turn of events, the arrest of the thieves was met with resistance from the suspects’ associates. The officers faced a sudden and violent attack from the enraged individuals, who sought to obstruct the lawful procedure. Despite the unexpected assault, the police officers displayed remarkable professionalism and managed to maintain control of the situation, ensuring the safety of themselves and the community.

Pain and Tribute

The untimely loss of Sergeant Oscar Soria has left a deep void in the hearts of his loved ones and the entire community. His dedication, bravery, and selflessness will forever be remembered as a shining example of a true hero. As we mourn his passing, we also celebrate his life and the lasting impact he had on those around him.

Son’s Tribute to His Father

In a heartfelt tribute to his late father, Lautaro Soria shared the profound impact his father had on their lives. He described Sergeant Oscar Soria as a man who fearlessly put his life on the line for others, always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Despite the risks and his own health challenges, Sergeant Soria’s love for his family and his commitment to serving the community never wavered. His memory will forever be cherished by those who knew and loved him.

Impact on Friends and Community

The loss of Sergeant Oscar Soria has reverberated throughout the community, leaving a profound impact on his friends, colleagues, and the people he served. His dedication to protecting and serving the community was unwavering, and his absence is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing him. The legacy of Sergeant Soria will continue to inspire others to follow in his footsteps and make a positive difference in the world.

In a tragic incident, a police sergeant in Córdoba lost his life due to a heart attack while carrying out an operation to apprehend thieves. The officer, who had recently undergone heart surgery, displayed immense dedication and bravery in his line of duty. This unfortunate event serves as a reminder of the risks that law enforcement officers face every day to protect their communities. The loss of this officer is deeply felt by his family, friends, and all those who knew him. It is a stark reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve and protect, leaving a lasting impact on the community.


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