Action News Chopper Crash How Did Monroe Smith And Chris Dougherty Die?

Members of the Philadelphia news community are mourning two tragic losses: Monroe Smith, an experienced helicopter pilot, and Chris Dougherty, who is connected to NBC Sports Philadelphia through family connections of Surname. Their sudden deaths have created a huge void not only in the hearts and hearts of their loved ones but also in the television journalism industry as a whole. This article delves deeper into their lives, the causes of their premature deaths, and the lasting effects they left behind.

Who are Monroe Smith and Chris Dougherty?

Monroe Smith, 67, is a well-known figure in Philadelphia’s news industry, respected for her expertise as a helicopter pilot. With a career spanning decades, Smith was an important part of the NBC10 team and the LNS news service. His proficiency in on-air journalism has made him a respected and indispensable member of the news community.

Chris Dougherty, 47, although not directly involved in the news business, has significant connections to it. His brother, Jeff Dougherty, is a respected editor at NBC Sports Philadelphia. This connection brought Chris into the NBC Universal family, intertwining his life with the community of journalists and broadcasters.

Both of them are famous for their dedication and passion for their work. Monroe Smith, in particular, was honored for her commitment to safety and storytelling from the sky. His colleagues remember him as more than just a pilot; he was a protector of the stories they needed to tell and a dear friend.

What happened to Monroe Smith and Chris Dougherty?

The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration officials are currently conducting an investigation into the tragic accident that killed Monroe Smith and Chris Dougherty, and many colleagues and friends of both victims send their condolences. condolences and support to their family. Philadelphia’s news media professionals are deeply saddened by this loss; Colleagues and friends of both victims sent their sincere condolences to their families as they mourn this devastating news.

Their sudden passing shocked many, as they were both highly regarded and indispensable members of the news broadcasting world. The investigation aims to uncover the specifics of the accident, providing some insight into those affected by the tragedy.

How did Monroe Smith and Chris Dougherty die?

Although the details surrounding the incident are still under investigation, it is clear that Monroe Smith and Chris Dougherty tragically died in a helicopter crash. Smith’s loss hit his community hard as not only a pilot but also a compelling storyteller who brought vivid news from above.

Pete Kane, NBC10 photojournalist and Smith’s longtime colleague at NBC10 News, shared memories of their time together, including how Smith helped him overcome his fear of heights. Their shared history from their high school days to the present day testifies to their bond as well as their grief over this loss.

News of their untimely deaths sent waves of grief through the Philadelphia news community. Colleagues remember the competitive yet cooperative spirit that united them, especially during times of loss. The sentiment that, regardless of position or role, everyone is part of a team, resonates loudly in the wake of this tragedy.


The unexpected passing of Monroe Smith and Chris Dougherty marks an emotionally tragic chapter for the Philadelphia news community. Both contribute directly and indirectly to television journalism; Their legacy lives on through colleagues, friends and family who remember their lives and legacies as beacons of camaraderie that embody news broadcasting; they continue to guide all who are privileged to know them.

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