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Explore the life and memories of Adina Abramowitz of Philadelphia, PA, through her obituary. Gain insight into Adina Abramowitz’s impact on the Philadelphia community. Reflect on her journey with a comprehensive obituary, honoring and remembering Adina Abramowitz of Philadelphia, PA.

The community development finance industry lost a beloved leader and pioneer last week with the passing ofAdina Abramowitz is 67 years old. Abramowitz has devoted more than 35 years of his life to promoting economic and social justice through his pioneering work in the CDFI sector. She leaves behind an incredible legacy as well as a loving wife, friends, colleagues and countless people whose lives she impacted.

Abramowitz is affectionately known as a force for justice who galvanizes organizations to create meaningful change. Her fierce commitment to equality and economic inclusion has made her an inspiration. As a longtime contributor and President of the Opportunity Finance NetworkMark Pinsky said“She fought for what she believed in without unnecessary conflict. She brought justice, love and support to tens of thousands of people through her work.”

After beginning his career in 1986 at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Abramowitz spent more than 16 years leading FINANTA, growing the organization into one of the largest CDFI trade associations. She then joined Community First Pennsylvania Foundation as Director of National Programs and Strategic Initiatives.

On the way, Abramowitzhas built an impressive legacy of promoting solutions to end poverty, championing women investors and entrepreneurs, supporting the LGBTQ community, fighting predatory lending, and more. Her advocacy played a key role in important legislation such as the Community Reinvestment Act.

Despite his immense contributions, Abramowitz always makes time to mentor newcomers to the industry. With her strong personality, signature baseball cap and wit, she encouraged new leaders to stay grounded while reaching for the stars. Her openness created space for frank conversations about ongoing issues.

Just months before her shocking death, Abramowitz announced plans to retire in the spring of 2024. News of her passing sparked outpouring of grief as well as appreciation for her work to her life. The Pennsylvania-based Community First Foundation, where Abramowitz spent 13 years with his family, said goodbye with a heavy heart.

EQUALFirst Community Foundation Executive Director George Payne noted,“The world is a better place because you entered it. With deep gratitude and sincere sadness, we say goodbye.” She leaves a void in the CDFI community, but her fighting spirit and vision will live on through those she inspired.

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