Alex Batty Missing, British teen tells the Sun he lied about escape to protect mum

Alex Batty Missing – Alex Batty, a British teenager, has stated that he lied about the facts of his escape in order to protect his mother and grandfather from police. In an interview with The Sun, he said he made up a story about a four-day expedition in the hopes of distracting investigators from tracking them down. Six years after going missing, the adolescent was discovered walking in France.

He stated that he began to have reservations about his mother and grandfather’s wandering lifestyle when he was “14 or 15 years old.” Future plans to attend college prompted his choice to leave their way of life in the French Pyrenees, he explained. Alex, who is now in the care of his grandmother in Oldham, has spoken extensively about his escape and what motivated him to flee. “I’ve been lying to try and protect my mum and grandad but I realise that they’re probably gonna get caught anyway,” he was quoted as saying by The Sun.

“I did not become disoriented. “I knew exactly where I was going,” he added, characterizing his trek as a two-day hike from Quillan to Toulouse. Alex was picked up by a delivery driver who saw him in the early hours of a rainy morning on a road in the foothills of the French Pyrenees near Toulouse. The driver, Fabien Accidini, a French student, said Alex told him he had been wandering in the Pyrenees for four days and four nights, sleeping during the day and walking at night to avoid being recognized.

Mr Accidini previously stated that he had only €100 in cash and no mobile phone when he set out for Toulouse, and he fed on anything he could find in fields and gardens. He drove the adolescent to Revel, just outside Carcassonne, and left him with local gendarmes, who checked his identity and escorted him to Toulouse before arranging his return to the UK. Susan Caruana, Alex’s grandmother, told the BBC in 2018 that she believed his mother and grandfather had brought him to live with a spiritual group in Morocco.

She stated that they were looking for an alternative lifestyle and did not want Alex to attend school at the time. Melanie and David Batty departed Greater Manchester with Alex on September 30, 2017 for a week-long vacation in Marbella, Spain. On the day they were supposed to travel to the UK, he was last seen in the Port of Malaga on October 8, that year.

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