Alfonso Corona Blake Biography

Activities Director, Assistant Director
Nationality Mexico
Birth January 2, 1919 (Autlán, Jalisco – Mexico)
Death January 21, 1999


Director and screenwriter Alfonso Corona Blake was born on January 2, 1919 in Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico. He completed his basic studies in Guadalajara and later moved to Mexico City to study high school and, later, to begin a career in medicine. On some occasion he visited the National Cinema studios and participated as an extra, that marked the beginning of his film career. After having several uncredited appearances, he was given some roles as an actor and also participated as a prompter, which led him to become an assistant to directors such as William Rouwland and Carlos Orellana. In 1956 he debuted as a director with the film El Camino a la vida , for which he won seven Ariels and with which he competed at the VI Berlin International Festival in which he won an honorable mention. He made 27 films, including Violent Summer (1960) and Happiness (1957). His last film was Beyond Violence (1971). He died on January 21, 1999 in Mexico City due to a brain hemorrhage.

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