Alia Bhatt Trolled For Defending ‘Toxic Ranbir Kapoor’ Allegations; Gets Compared With Deepika Padukone

Alia Bhatt Trolled On Internet: Famous director Karan Johar’s popular show Koffee With Karan continued to maintain its reputation for giving the internet some of the most ‘controversial trends’, as social media got its recent target after the show’s latest episode dropped online. This time, it was Bollywood’s ‘sweetheart’ Alia Bhatt who became the source of jokes, memes, and trolls for addressing the ‘toxic’ allegations that her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, faced a few days ago. As soon as the episode aired, another set of fans was quick to grab the opportunity to compare her statement with another B-Town controversy that blew up a few weeks ago- Deepika Padukone’s dating history. 

Bhatt appeared on the latest episode of KWK’s 8th season, with Kareena Kapoor Khan, where the trio spoke on many topics. From B-Town’s ‘best actress’ to Bollywood couples working in the same industry, the show made headlines over several issues. But the one that ended up standing out the most for all the wrong reasons, was Alia defenting Ranbir over him being ‘toxic’ allegations. Fans quickly tied the entire take with Padukone’s past ‘dating pattern’ and began to troll her as they compared the two.

Taking to the internet, people ‘blamed’ Alia for ignoring the ‘truth’ about her husband, while some also commented on her ‘low confidence’. Amid the trolls, a few also defended Bhatt and called her ‘genuine’. 

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“This is the women that they trying to push as the it Bollywood girl ? The downfall anyways thank you Lord for Deepika Padukone,” a user said. 

“The funniest thing is you don’t even need to pause on Deepika’s face to get a weird picture. Just saying,” wrote a second netizen. 

“Women are women’s enemy sadly in this country. Why should Deepika prove to world her love for her husband? What’s wrong in casual dating?  Ranbir has been asshole publically many times and he uses his wife as his PR to clear his image… Oh dear lord let people gain perspective,” joined a third. 

“Unlike your fav, Deepika didn’t play safe or give curated answers to come across as humble and to not get trolled. Also, Deepika just stated facts. Deal with it!” said a fourth person. 

“Deepika fans’ insecurity is showing. All Aalia had to do was exist and speak. They can’t make fun of her acting and accolades so they’ll come for her chirpy, young and naive energy. Okay. Whatever makes them sleep at night,” wrote a fifth fan, while defending Alia. 

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