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Ashton Sensing
Ashton Sensing

In a horrific incident, 22-year-old Ashton Cole Sensing of Baxter, Tennessee, stands accused of causing fatal harm to a toddler while babysitting him. The two-year-old child tragically succumbed to traumatic brain injuries two days after the alleged incident.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department reported that Sensing is believed to have thrown the young boy against a wall and hit him, leading to his unresponsiveness. Initially, Sensing claimed the child had fallen into a small air vent on the floor and had become unresponsive while he was asleep.

Deputies interviewed the child’s mother, Sara Mora, and Sensing, who was looking after the child and three others at the time of the incident. The tragic event has led to an outpouring of grief within the local community and beyond.

Sensing was apprehended at a Dollar General on West Broad Street in Putnam County following a search by authorities. He now faces grave charges relating to the child’s death.

Our thoughts go out to the grieving family as they navigate this devastating loss. We hope that justice will be served and that the community can find some measure of peace in its wake.

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