Ben Fonseca Obituary New Jersey, Baseball Coach has passed away

Ben Fonseca Obituary, Death – We are deeply heartbroken to inform you that Ben passed away early this morning. The boys and I send our condolences. This is a piece of information that we offer to you with a heavy heart. He fought a courageous struggle against scleroderma for a large amount of time, as the majority of you are aware. Just now, Ben made the most brave decision he has ever made in his whole life. Being the true warrior that he was, he was well aware that it was time to take a break, and he did exactly that. Then he closed his eyes and deferred to God to take care of everything from this point on.

I pray that the Lord will grant him eternal rest and that the light of eternity will shine upon him from the sky to illuminate his path. I pray that, by the grace of God, his soul, together with the souls of all the devoted men and women who have passed away, will be able to find eternal rest. I am grateful to you. We extend our most sincere condolences to Ben Fonseca’s family and friends during this difficult time. She graduated in 1985. Ben served as both a coach and the Director of Player Development for the team when we were in the beginning phases of our involvement in the American League of Professional Baseball (ALPB).

As a result of the courageous battle against scleroderma that he has been engaged in throughout the past few years, he has been able to continue to be the incredible husband, father, and coach that we all respect and appreciate. We are keeping his wife Toni, as well as his sons Ben, Mason, and Sage, in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time. After spending his entire life in baseball, first as a player and then as a coach, Ben Fonseca eventually reached a point where the front offices of the independent Atlantic League

And, later, the Somerset Patriots were the ones who were able to put his skills to the best use in player development. He had spent his entire life in baseball. In addition to that, he was a member of the Single-A squad of the Kansas City Royals when he was coaching baseball at George Mason University, which is situated in the state of Virginia. He was a collegiate coach while he was at the Division 1 level. He worked with the Milwaukee Brewers as a scout for the team. He was employed by the Brewers.

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