Benjamin Wilkie, Cranfield School Of Management MBA Student, Passed Away Unexpectedly – BRB NEWS

The academic community at Cranfield School of Management is mourning the unexpected loss of one of their own, Benjamin Wilkie. An accomplished MBA student from Stonington, CT, Wilkie’s passing has left a significant impact on those who knew him.

Wilkie was an integral part of the Cranfield community, known for his passion for real estate financing and investment. His academic journey at Cranfield was marked by his dedication to identifying lucrative investment opportunities and providing tailored lending solutions.

His death on April 1, 2023, came as a shock to the Cranfield community. The circumstances surrounding his passing remain private out of respect for his family. As we report this tragic news, we extend our deepest condolences to Benjamin Wilkie’s family, friends, and the entire Cranfield School of Management community.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Wilkie also served as a lifeguard, ensuring the safety of day-campers ranging from kindergarten to middle school. His dedication to service in various capacities is a testament to his character and commitment to making a difference.

Benjamin Wilkie’s spirit, passion, and dedication will be remembered and continue to inspire those in the Cranfield School of Management community and beyond.

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