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Delve into the obituary of Brad Freitas of Maryland, reflecting on the life of a beloved individual. Explore the details of his journey, celebrating the memories and impact he left behind. Remember Brad Freitas with affection and honor as we recognize his contributions and mourn his passing.

Bradley Robert Freitas, affectionately known as Brad to those close to him, was born on September 28, 1981 in Sterling, Virginia to Bob and Cathy Freitas. He grew up in Sterling and attended Potomac Falls High School, graduating in 1999. In high school, Brad was actively involved in sports, joining the wrestling and football teams. After moving to Frederick, Maryland as a young man, Brad worked at a variety of jobs in the food and service industries. He became locally famous as a bartender at Bushwaller’s Pub and later as a manager at Tauraso’s restaurant.

After high school, Brad attended Towson University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media and Film. He is an accomplished photojournalist and reporter, having spent more than a decade providing excellent reporting for Helicopter’s Incorporated and NBC Washington. Highly regarded by colleagues and viewers alike, Brad has won two regional Emmy Awards for his masterful work. Affectionately known to many as “News Chopper Brad”, he captured the imagination of those who reported live from helicopters over bustling cities.

Those closest to Brad will remember his generosity and great sense of humor. He is always the one who helps others when they are in trouble, whether they are strangers or close friends in difficult times. The life of the party, Brad makes sure those around him have a good laugh and create lasting memories together. His kind spirit and sense of humor will be cherished by loved ones as they honor his legacy.

Brad is a devoted father to his young daughter Olivia. They shared a special bond as they explored new places, fed turtles at a nature reserve, visited the aquarium and started fitness lessons together recently. He enjoyed teaching her to play the harmonica and singing their mutual favorite song, “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor.

In addition to Olivia, Brad is survived by his loving wife Kara Freitas; his father Bob Freitas and stepmother Allison; sister Sarah Waldron and brother-in-law Wes; brother Steven and sister-in-law Erin; seven beloved nieces and nephews; and countless close friends.

After Brad unexpectedly passed away on December 12, 2023 at the age of 42, his family is planning a private memorial service in his honor. Close friends will gather to pay tribute to the thoughtful husband, devoted father, brave reporter and kind friend who touched each of their lives in a meaningful way.

In lieu of flowers or other tributes, the family asks that those who wish to honor Brad’s bright legacy consider donating to their local animal shelter in his name. It’s a fitting way to support vulnerable animals and caring community members that Brad clearly embodies in his spirit.

The passing of such a spirited person at such a young age is tragic news for everyone who knew Brad. His memory will live on through his outstanding journalistic achievements, the laughter he created for so many people and the love for his family. Most importantly, Brad will live on in the hearts of his wife, daughter and those lucky enough to call him a loyal friend. May we all honor Brad by repaying the kindness and joy he selflessly gave.

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