Brazilian Ana Clara Benevides Death; Fan Screaming For Water At Taylor Swift Concert Died

After a fan died at Taylor Swift’s concert last night, horrifying footage shows spectators crying for water.

While performing to a sold-out crowd in Rio de Janeiro, the 33-year-old hitmaker was obviously sweating due to 100-degree conditions. In terrifying YouTube film, fans beg for water as the heat becomes too much.

Taylor replies to spectators and venue staff in one viral video: “Do you see that? Sorry Just really hot. People who say they need water when it’s hot need it.”

Fans then chanted for water. Taylor responded “We don’t need to chant, it’s fine” when fans chanted “water, water, water”. We merely need to supply water. Anyone have water?”

The singer interrupts her concert to say: “People need water 30–40 feet back.

“Whoever gives them that, make sure it happens. Signal that you know where they are?”

This happened before Taylor learned a fan died before her event. The American beauty said on her Instagram story after the concert: “I can’t believe I’m writing this but we lost a fan tonight before my show.

“This has saddened me beyond words. She was gorgeous and very young, but I know little else.”

And she added: “My heart breaks for her family and friends. I never expected this would happen when we brought this tour to Brazil.”

The singer said she was “overwhelmed by grief” and will not mention it onstage as she prepares for another stadium performance tonight and tomorrow.

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