Bronx Twins, Aged 5, Found Dead After Violent Illness, Likely A ‘Medical Tragedy’ – BRB NEWS

In a shocking incident that left the community mourning, five-year-old twins were found dead in their Bronx home after a bout of severe vomiting. The father revealed that they would be taken to the emergency room after waking up, but tragically, they never did.

The twins had been sick and vomiting for days before their deaths. Despite their illness, the family remains hopeful they will recover. However, their condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to their untimely death.

When she discovered her child was unresponsive, the distraught mother immediately performed CPR until the doctor arrived. Despite her valiant efforts, the twins could not be revived.

According to the NYPD, the apartment was fully stocked with food, children’s clothing and other necessities. This detail further emphasizes the care and concern parents have for their children, making the tragedy even more heartbreaking.

Although the cause of death has not yet been confirmed, authorities believe it may have been a “medical tragedy”. The NYPD continues to investigate, unraveling the circumstances leading up to this devastating event.

The loss of these young lives is deeply felt by family, friends and the greater Bronx community. Our thoughts are with all those affected during this difficult time.

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