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Brooke Lawson Murder, Lake Odessa Michigan, Resident Murder –  Brooke Lawson, a vibrant soul cherished by her family and friends, bid farewell to this world on the serene evening of June 14, 2023.

Aged 26, she found solace surrounded by her loved ones in the comforting embrace of her sister’s home in La Porte. Brooke’s journey on this earth began on May 6, 1997, a day that marked the arrival of a spirited daughter to Charles Kautz and Karen Lawson in the heart of La Porte.

From the outset, Brooke was drawn to the natural world, finding solace and joy amidst the outdoors. The allure of the beach and the mysteries hidden within the woods captivated her spirit. Her passion for environmental conservation was evident even in her youth when she embraced recycling, setting an example long before it became a societal norm. Brooke’s self-expression extended to her love for tattoos, each one a testament to her unique story and experiences. She wore them proudly, each design a cherished piece of her identity.

Animals held a special place in Brooke’s heart. Her love knew no bounds, extending to creatures big and small—cats, dogs, snakes, bearded dragons—all found a friend in her. Her compassion transcended species boundaries, reflecting her innate kindness and gentle spirit.

In this time of mourning, Brooke is survived by her loving parents, Charles Kautz and Karen Lawson, her sisters Elisa Bergquist and Sabrina Kautz, as well as her brothers Christopher Day, Sabastian Emery, and Willard Lawson. Their hearts ache with the loss of Brooke, a presence that illuminated their lives with joy and love.

As per her wishes, Brooke’s journey transitions to another realm through cremation. Lakeview Funeral Home and Crematory in La Porte oversee the arrangements, providing the care and reverence she deserves. To extend condolences and share fond memories, the family invites friends and well-wishers to visit

In honor of Brooke’s memory, memorial contributions can be directed to the family via Lakeview Funeral Home and Crematory at 247 W. Johnson Rd., La Porte, Indiana 46350. These contributions serve as a testament to the impact Brooke made during her time among us, a tribute to her beautiful soul and the love she shared.

Brooke Lawson’s earthly presence may have ceased, but her vibrant spirit, love for nature, and kindness endure as a cherished legacy in the hearts of all who knew her. May her essence continue to inspire and bring solace to those who mourn her passing.

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