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In remembering Bryson Burks, we remember a life loved by many. Reflecting on the legacy of Bryson Burks, we honor a man of profound influence. His passing left a void but his memory still lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

Heartbreak has hit the close-knit community as residents mourn the devastating loss of 19-year-old Bryson Burks. Bryson tragically passed away on December 18, just hours before his 20th birthday.

In an emotional public statement, Bryson’s mother, Chris Johnson Burks, expressed her overwhelming sadness over her son’s early death. “Last night, my sweet boy Bryson went to be with his dad, his lord and savior in heaven… I can’t live without my beautiful boy. I can’t find the words any more at this time,” she wrote. .

Chris describes being surrounded by Bryson’s caring friends after this profound tragedy. However, she was still completely confused and said that“I will never be okay again.”

By all accounts, Bryson Burks was a light in his community – a beloved friend, family member and change-maker gone too soon. He attended [HIGH SCHOOL] where teachers remembered his kindness and leadership qualities. Bryson even founded the Kidney Head Foundation to honor his late father and raise awareness about kidney health.

When 19-year-old Bryson Burks put pen to paper on his dual college commitment for football and baseball, it marked the culmination of a dream long deferred but never abandoned. Overcoming adversity that could have made him mentally weaker, Bryson persevered forging his way as a two-sport athlete in college.

From childhood, sports were encoded into Bryson’s DNA. He has vivid memories of playing tag during his playing days at Ole Miss with his late father, a former senior. His mother, a devout baseball fan, had Bryson swing a bat as soon as he could walk.

But Bryson’s journey encountered seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Around age 10, he battled severe seizures up to 40 per day. Other health problems forced homeschooling and withdrawal from sports. He was bullied for his rapid weight gain, which led to career-threatening injuries.

Even so, Bryson still refused to give up his burning passion for sports. He recounted how a coach advised him to quit after his father died because he believed Bryson lacked talent.“I took it in stride and worked harder when no one was looking,”Bryson said.

Through perseverance and absolute faith, this Texas native overcame all obstacles. He lost over 100 pounds, diligently recovered, and bet on himself when no one else would. Bryson even moved halfway through high school to have a fresh start in pursuing his dream.

On commitment day, Bryson’s relentless faith finally paid off. In an emotional speech, he thanked his biggest supporters – his devoted mother and God. Bryson credits his mother’s enormous sacrifice for forcing him to work more than 10 hours a week to get to this point. He also emphasized the essential role of God, without Him Bryson would just be “a child with a dream”.

Bryson also expressed deep appreciation for his late father’s lasting influence and inspiration.He wished his dad could see him achieve their shared dream while wearing his college number.

After years of fighting those who criticized Bryson for not being good enough, this extraordinary young man can now proudly call himself a two-sport college athlete. His encouraging journey through illness, doubt, and loss will motivate all dreamers to face difficult odds.

Just as Bryson proudly represents his family’s name in sport, he also represents the human capacity to achieve the impossible through faith, courage and determination. persist.

Tragically, Bryson was all too familiar with the pain of losing his parents. His father, Brett, had passed away earlier from kidney disease, leaving a devastated Bryson to channel his sadness into altruistic action through the Kidney Head Foundation.

Now that the Bryson community has supported her, she often has to find some way to support her grieving mother. Local resident Janice Mills summed up the gloomy mood by writing:

Please pray for my sweet friend, Chris Johnson Burks…I know Chris is hurting so much right now and only God can give her peace.”

As Chris himself stated, she will never fully recover from the pain of losing her only beloved son. In her time of need, may Bryson’s caring spirit surround his mother through the compassion that flows from everyone he has inspired.

Although nothing can fill the void left when a child leaves this world, Bryson Burks made the most of his tragically short life. In just 19 years, he lit up his community as a selfless friend and dedicated activist. The loss may be immeasurable, but so is Bryson’s positive impact.

May his memory be a blessing to all who loved him.

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