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Motorists traveling across Ontario’s Burlington Skyway Bridge during rush hour this morning are experiencing significant delays following a major crash involving more than a dozen vehicles. A series of crashes closed multiple eastbound and westbound lanes on the key traffic route more than an hour ago.

According to eyewitness reports, an early chain reaction accident occurred at approximately 7:15 a.m. today on the iconic Burlington Skyway bridge. The accident was initially believed to have involved a transport truck plowing into slowing traffic, which then caused a series of rear-end collisions.

First responder vehicles and media helicopters arriving at the scene were recording more than a dozen crushed cars and pickup trucks strewn across a 300-yard stretch of raised bridges. It appeared that most of the vehicles had significant damage to the front or rear.

While the exact number of injured drivers remains unconfirmed as the situation unfolds, emergency medical teams transported several victims suffering from trauma and bleeding to nearby hospitals. .

Several other drivers and passengers with less serious injuries are currently undergoing roadside assessment. All vehicles not requiring transport by ambulance will be required to undergo standard sobriety and sobriety testing under strict post-crash protocols before authorities will release people continue.

This morning’s jarring crashes prompted the immediate closure of all eastbound and westbound lanes, except for one lane in each direction, to further restrict the flow of local traffic. However, lengthy delays are expected to last for hours throughout today’s morning and afternoon rush periods.

In addition to cataloging those involved and determining the exact cause, extensive accident scene processing and process diagnostics must also be completed. Firefighters must then clean up damaged vehicles, scattered debris and chemical spills before fully reopening the Burlington Skyway.

With the Burlington Skyway partially blocked for an indefinite period, transportation officials are urging commuters to avoid the location this morning and consider convenient alternative routes. All connecting highways and trunk roads are also heavily congested.

Drivers can cross Lake Ontario via Highway 403 via nearby Hamilton or parallel routes navigating along scenic Beach Boulevard or North Shore Drive depending on the origin and destination of this morning’s trip . Regular traffic updates will continue to be provided publicly.

Today’s multi-car chain-reaction failure marks another example of bridge infrastructure congestion, which is notorious for reducing rush-hour traffic when unfortunate accidents occur. on Los Angeles transportation arteries like the iconic Burlington Skyway.

As motorists endured lengthy mid-week delays, public pressure grew on transportation agencies to implement enhanced protection measures to protect vulnerable concrete road across this vast lake as preventable human errors occur intermittently.

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