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A family and community in Delta, Colorado grapple with immense grief following the horrific death of 5-month-old Cady Beck. After Cady passed away on December 23, her 20-year-old father, Daven Beck, was arrested in connection with her horrific death.

On December 22, Cady Beck was taken to the emergency room by her father, Daven, with critical symptoms. Doctors at the pediatric urgent care clinic who examined Cady insisted she must be transported to Delta County Memorial Hospital for immediate emergency treatment based on her current symptoms. Sadly, Cady cannot be saved.

After being transported to the county hospital, doctors conducted tests and discovered Cady had suffered severe traumatic injuries concentrated around her tiny head and neck. Attempts to stabilize the 5-month-old baby girl were unsuccessful. An autopsy concluded that blunt force trauma was the cause of death, raising alarming questions around what could have caused such harm.

Following the autopsy results, Delta County police arrested 20-year-old father Daven Beck for questioning surrounding the circumstances leading to Cady’s death. After interviews and evidence collection, Daven was arrested for first-degree murder, felony child abuse resulting in death, and felony child abuse. An affidavit confirms that Daven alone cared for Cady when her grief struck.

Given the severity of the charges Daven Beck faces in connection with baby Cady’s tragic death, district prosecutors and law enforcement argued for an extremely high bond for reflects public safety concerns. The Deputy District Attorney successfully lobbied to have Daven held on $1 million bail pending further legal proceedings related to Cady’s wrongful death. Formal murder charges are expected soon.

The greater Delta region finds itself deeply saddened by the puzzling death of innocent 5-month-old Cady as well as the presumed involvement of her trusted caregiver and Daven’s parents. Shock, outrage, sadness and calls for justice flooded social media as people in the area processed the senseless tragedy that robbed young Cady of her future.

It is understandable that the wound inflicted on the Delta community will take time to fully heal. But Cady Beck deserves to pursue the truth fully so that some closure can be achieved to prevent this heartbreak from being needlessly repeated. Tiny, helpless victims depend on that protection.

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