Celebrity Psychic Sloan Bella’s Video Goes Viral Online, Fans Are Shocked As What She Said About Didi’s Life Turns Out To Be True

In the wake of a lawsuit filed recently by Cassie Ventura, Sean “Diddy” Combs’s ex-girlfriend, alleging that he had abused her physically and sexually, an old video of the rapper’s psychic Sloan Bella projecting trouble ahead has gone viral online. The whole incident is rather unsettling and very surprising to fans and audiences around.

R&B singer Cassie Ventura, 37, filed a lawsuit on Thursday, November 16, 2023, alleging that the 54-year-old rapper subjected her to physical abuse, committed sexual assault, and used coercive control over their ten-year affair. Following the lawsuit, social media users have been searching for older posts that may have hinted at the rap mogul’s legal battle.

In one video, celebrity psychic Sloan Bella shares a vision from June 2023. Bella asserted during the virtual meeting that she had “channeled” the late starlet Kim Porter, who was the rapper’s ex-girlfriend and died on November 15, 2018, from pneumonia.

She had been ill with the flu for a few days before her death and was found lifeless in her home in the San Fernando Valley. The celebrity psychic Sloan Bella claimed to have received a message from the late celebrity during their encounter. The psychic continued by saying that Porter needed her to know that Diddy would come undone in November of 2023.

“I am being shown that things are being prepared. She (Porter) is showing me a trumpet. Things are standing straight up and people are going to speak. Not just about what happened to her but about other things. Something is unraveling.” She added,” Somebody is leading a march, leading the way and I am getting in five months.” is what the medium said on record.

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