Coconut Kitty Obituary News: In loving memory of OnlyFans Model Coconut Kitty

Coconut Kitty Suicide – Obituary News: In loving memory of OnlyFans Model Coconut Kitty.

On February 18, Coconut Kitty’s unexpected death was announced on her social channels. The news of the model taking her own life took fans by surprise

“It’s unfair. Life isn’t fair,” a statement made by the model’s family said. “We wish you guys could get to know her the way her friends and family did.”

The post described Coconut Kitty by her contagious laugh, her love of creating art, her hard-headedness, loyalty to her loved ones and her tenderness toward animals in need.

Coconut Kitty was starting to think about the advantages of living a tranquil life. Despite having over 5 million followers on her NSFW postings and OnlyFans account, she had been a well-known figure on Instagram for a while. However, according to her sisters, she has recently been trying to make a change. She had been hinting at a Coconut Kitty adult cartoon on social media, and now she was thrilled to be working on it.

Her younger sister Sarah pointed out that the project put her behind the camera rather than in front of it. In addition, she had informed her family that she was almost done writing a memoir and that painting, her true artistic passion, was her main focus. She painted women in skimpy clothing, frequently with strawberry blonde hair that fell in a cascade that resembled Coconut Kitty’s.

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