Comedian Mike Epps Has a Messy Dating History

Comedian Mike Epps has had a tumultuous dating history, including a marriage to Mechelle McCain and allegations of infidelity. After a costly divorce, Epps married Kyra Robinson. Mechelle claims that Epps began his relationship with Kyra while still married to her. Despite the messy past, Epps and Kyra have built a successful relationship and even work together on HGTV’s Buying Back the Block. This article delves into Epps’ dating history and Mechelle’s claims of infidelity.

Mike Epps’ Dating History and Mechelle’s Claims

Mike Epps, the renowned comedian, has had an eventful dating history before settling down with his current wife, Kyra Robinson. Prior to their marriage, Mike was in a long-term relationship with Mechelle McCain, an actor. The couple spent 12 years together and even had two children. However, their relationship came to an end in 2017 when they finalized their divorce. The divorce settlement required Mike to provide substantial financial support to Mechelle, including a monthly spousal support of $25,000 and an additional $15,000 for child support. Despite the challenges they faced, Mike eventually found love again and tied the knot with Kyra.

Marriage to Mechelle McCain

Mike Epps and Mechelle McCain’s marriage was a significant chapter in Mike’s life. They shared many years together and built a family, raising their two children. However, as with any relationship, they faced their fair share of difficulties, which ultimately led to their separation. Although their marriage ended, the memories and experiences they shared will always be a part of their personal histories.

Divorce Settlement and Spousal Support

When Mike and Mechelle decided to part ways, they had to navigate the complexities of a divorce settlement. As part of the agreement, Mike was obligated to provide financial support to Mechelle. This included a substantial monthly spousal support payment of $25,000, as well as an additional $15,000 for child support. While divorce settlements can be challenging, it is important to ensure that both parties are taken care of and that the well-being of any children involved is prioritized.

Mechelle’s Allegations of Infidelity

Following their divorce, Mechelle made claims about Mike’s relationship with Kyra that raised eyebrows. During an appearance on a podcast, Mechelle alleged that Mike had been unfaithful to her while they were still married. She claimed that he had started a relationship with Kyra before their divorce was finalized. Infidelity can be a painful experience for anyone involved, and it is essential to approach such allegations with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved.

Flirting Incident on Twitter

In 2015, Mike found himself in hot water after engaging in a flirtatious conversation with a woman on Twitter. Screenshots of the exchange were captured by E! News, revealing Mike’s initiation of the conversation with a woman named @ceciATL. While the incident may have been seen as harmless by some, Mechelle entered the conversation, adding a set of eye emojis, which suggested her discomfort with the situation. It is crucial to maintain open and honest communication in relationships to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Mike’s Relationship with Kyra Robinson

After his divorce from Mechelle McCain, Mike Epps found love again with Kyra Robinson. The couple’s relationship has blossomed, leading to their marriage and the start of a beautiful family. Kyra has become an integral part of Mike’s life, providing love, support, and companionship.

Marriage and Children

Mike and Kyra’s love story reached a new chapter when they exchanged vows and committed to a lifetime together. Their union has been blessed with the arrival of their children, bringing immeasurable joy and fulfillment to their lives. The couple welcomed their daughter, Indiana Rose Epps, in 2020, followed by the birth of their son a year later. The bond they share as parents further strengthens their connection as a couple.

Mike’s Preference for Marriage

Mike Epps has openly expressed his preference for being married rather than being single. He values the stability and structure that marriage provides, enjoying the comfort of coming home to a loving partner. For Mike, having someone to share his day with and create a nurturing environment is of utmost importance. His commitment to marriage reflects his desire for a deep and meaningful connection with a lifelong partner.

Professional Partnership with Kyra

Not only do Mike and Kyra share a personal relationship, but they have also joined forces professionally. The couple has partnered on the HGTV show, “Buying Back the Block,” which premiered in 2023. The show follows their journey of rehabilitating properties on the street where Mike grew up in Indianapolis. Through this collaboration, they not only showcase their skills in real estate but also demonstrate their ability to work together as a team, building a future brick by brick and nail by nail.

In conclusion, comedian Mike Epps has had a tumultuous dating history, including a messy divorce from Mechelle McCain and allegations of infidelity. Despite this, his relationship with Kyra Robinson has flourished, leading to their marriage and the birth of their two children. Mike has expressed his preference for being married and his commitment to a monogamous relationship. Additionally, Mike and Kyra have partnered on professional endeavors, such as hosting HGTV’s Buying Back the Block. While Mike’s past may be complicated, his current relationship and professional ventures demonstrate growth and stability.


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