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Explore the tragic incident involving Courtney Gordon in Queens, NYC, where a stabbing occurred. Uncover details surrounding this unfortunate event, reflecting on its impact. Stay informed and connected to the unfolding developments in this unsettling incident. #CourtneyGordon #QueensStabbing #NewsUpdate

Queens Stabbing Attack Leaves Four Dead, Including Two Children

The New York City borough of Queens is reeling after a deadly stabbing spree left four people dead early Sunday morning, including two young children. The tragic incident also injured three others.

A Night of Unfathomable Violence

Just after 5 AM on December 4th, 911 dispatchers received a frantic call from a woman saying her cousin was attacking family members with a knife inside their Beach 22nd Street home in the Far Rockaway neighborhood.

Responding officers arrived to find suspect Courtney Gordon, 39, exiting the residence with luggage. When they attempted to engage him, Gordon suddenly produced a large butcher knife and stabbed one officer in the neck and chest and another in the head, though non-fatally.

Police then shot Gordon as he refused orders to drop the weapon used to perpetrate shocking violence inside the home that morning.

 Innocent Lives Lost

Upon entering the residence after Gordon was neutralized, first responders discovered four victims deceased from pronounced laceration wounds.

Tragically, an 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy were amongst the deceased, along with a 44-year-old woman and a man in his 30s. The slain are all believed to have been Gordon’s relatives whom he was visiting.

A 61-year old woman also suffered multiple stab injuries but survived the massacre.

Ongoing Investigations

While investigations into the stabbing spree and officers’ use of deadly force against the suspect continue, police confirmed the initial 911 caller was Gordon’s niece present during the attacks.

The traumatized young woman is currently working with detectives to piece together what drove her cousin’s abhorrent violence which claimed two young lives and deeply impacted several families.

Courtney Gordon had one prior domestic violence charge, but no other criminal history. As communities mourn this tragic loss of innocent life, questions linger about what could possibly fuel such brutal attacks on children and family. Justice must be served.

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