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A deadly road rage incident in northeast Calgary on Tuesday resulted in manslaughter charges against a driver. The conflict stemmed from an initial collision that caused no injuries and escalated into a deadly confrontation.

According to Calgary police, the incident stemmed from a minor collision between a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo and a 2002 GMC Sierra pickup truck. People in the Aveo said the driver of the Sierra became angry and started shooting. driving aggressively, swerving erratically and pointing a knife at them.

Despite the 911 dispatcher advising them not to get involved further, the Aveo driver continued to chase the Sierra through northeast Calgary. Sierra eventually stopped and violence ensued.

When stopped at Temple Drive Northeast, the Sierra’s driver exited the vehicle. As the Aveo passed by, the man kicked its passenger in the side. Then, the Aveo driver stopped and reversed, hitting the man and pinning him to a tree along the roadside to his death.

Steven Allen, 34, who was believed to be the driver of the Aveo, has been charged with manslaughter in the fatal crash. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 6, 2024 to answer the charges. His passenger was released without charges.

The deceased was identified by police as David Mervin Berglund, 35, of Calgary, after an autopsy on Wednesday. He was pronounced dead at the scene from severe injuries sustained during the altercation.

This tragic incident highlights the potential dangers of road rage confrontations between angry drivers. While the minor accident may have initially sparked anger, continued involvement led to disastrous results for all parties involved.

Road rage stems from hostility but delving into violence only adds to the harm. If you encounter an aggressive driver, stay calm. Avoid eye contact and ignore provocations or threats. Notify authorities, provide description and detailed information about the vehicle. Seeking a safer harbor rather than prolonging involvement

Avoiding road rage first requires positive driving habits. Leave ample space between vehicles, use turn signals properly, obey speed limits and avoid sudden stops. Drive patiently, cautiously and politely. Control your anger and understand that most “offenses” are mistakes, not malice.

Overreacting endangers everyone around you. Like in Calgary, they can also lead to permanently life-changing manslaughter charges. We all share paths. Staying calm, avoiding hostility and driving conscientiously will keep those passages clear.

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