deanna moyer missing and Stay informed on the case of Deanna Moyer reported missing in Philadelphia

Update on the case of Deanna Moyer, reported missing in Philadelphia. Explore the details surrounding Deanna Moyer’s disappearance, including updates from the Philadelphia Police Department. Stay connected to the ongoing story of Deanna Moyer in Philadelphia and access reliable information about her disappearance from local law enforcement.

Concerns grow over the mysterious disappearance of a 26-year-old Germantown residentDeanna Moyer, who was last seen Sunday night at her home in the city’s Francisville section. Moyer appears to have disappeared after intentionally seeking rides from various people due to car trouble throughout the night.

The Philadelphia Police Department launched an investigation after loved ones contacted authorities because Moyer could not be reached. Her phone was found abandoned at a nearby pub, raising concerns about what might happen to the young girl.

According to the missing persons report, Deanna Moyer was last seen leaving her residence on the dayBelfield Avenueat about 5pm on December 17. Originally from the Germantown area, Moyer currently lives in the 1800 block of Belfield in Francisville.

In the hours that followed, Moyer allegedly contacted multiple people to request a ride because she was black.Acura TLXhas been broken. But soon after, all contact ceased and she has had no further contact since that Sunday night.

No further information about Deanna Moyer has been confirmed at the time of this report.

Moyer’s mobile phone was discovered on Monday at an unidentified pub, cut off from its owner and any clues to her current whereabouts. As a result, Philadelphia police detectives are appealing to the public for any relevant information that could help locate her.

Authorities want to speak to anyone who had contact with Deanna Moyer on December 17 or saw her 2013 Acura sedan with the vehicle.Pennsylvania license plate MCF4182. Residents at Moyer’s property in Francisville or the nearby Germantown community are strongly encouraged to report tips, security footage or possible sightings.

Missing person Deanna Moyer is described as a 26-year-old white woman with brown hair and hazel eyes, approximately 5-foot-6 tall and weighing approximately 130 pounds. Anyone with detailed information to share is asked to contact the Central Detective Division at 215-686-3093 or 215-686-3094.

detectiveGerald Winward (#8070)AndRobert Lyons (#840)led an aggressive search effort to determine Moyer’s whereabouts and uncover specific details about the events surrounding her disturbing disappearance. Authorities are acting quickly but are still relying heavily on help from the public to find clues.

Now, Deanna Moyer joins the thousands of adults who go missing across the country each year. Anxious loved ones clung to the hope that she would be safe. But with her abandoned mobile phone showing disturbing sounds, police consider this open investigation to be extremely time-sensitive.

Anyone who knows the current location or has had recent contact with missing Philadelphia woman Deanna Moyer should call 215-686-TIPS immediately. The information shared could play an important role in ensuring this story has a happy rather than tragic ending in the days to come.

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