Deb Knight shifts career after low ratings stir up media

Deb Knight, the renowned Australian television and radio presenter, has attracted significant attention following her recent career shift. Known for her long-standing presence in the media industry, Knight has built a substantial portfolio through her work across different stations. She is most recognised for her roles as the presenter of ‘Money News’ on Nine Radio and ‘A Current Affair’ on Saturdays.

Knight began her media career at the radio station 2WG in Wagga Wagga, subsequently working at several other stations. However, Knight has recently become the subject of public interest after losing her job due to low ratings of the 2GB afternoon radio show, prompting curiosity about her next career steps.

Knight’s new role has become a hot topic online, particularly after her dismissal from her position due to low ratings. Following this development, her fans began to speculate about her future career path. A Daily Mail report indicates that Knight will continue to be heard on the Sydney station.

Knight will be stepping down from her role as host of ‘Afternoons’ on 2GB and will transition to the role of national host of 2GB’s ‘Money News’. This change has elicited mixed reactions from online audiences. Many well-wishers have left encouraging messages for Knight, with one fan expressing sadness at her departure but admiration for her work.

The subject of Knight’s replacement on 2GB is also a topic of interest. As the only female presenter on the conservative talk station, speculation about who will fill her shoes is rife. Various media personalities are reportedly being considered for the role.

The Sunday Telegraph has suggested that Joe Hildebrand, who recently stood in for Knight, could be a strong contender for the position. Additionally, 2GB presenter Mark Levy has expressed interest in the role. However, no official announcement has been made yet.

Regarding Knight’s financial standing, her salary at the start of her tenure with 2GB in 2020 was reported to be around $600,000. It is speculated that her earnings may have increased since then, but no official figures have been released. Knight’s varied roles across different stations might have contributed to a significant income.

In 2011, Knight joined the Nine Network, and in 2015, she was appointed co-host of ‘Weekend Today’. She continues to be active in the media industry, suggesting a substantial accumulated wealth. Some online sources speculate that Knight’s net worth could be around $1 million, indicative of a comfortable lifestyle. Knight often provides glimpses into her life via her verified Instagram account, @deborah_knight.

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