“Deceived ENGENEs…” Netizens Voice Anger About ENHYPEN’s Latest Comeback Collaboration Event

ENHYPEN’s latest collaboration for their comeback has sparked controversy and boycotts from fans. The collaboration menu and merchandise, announced by ENHYPEN’s X account, have faced criticism due to the involvement of SPC, a company with a history of labor rights violations and discriminatory practices. The anger from fans, both domestic and international, has led to calls for a boycott and accusations against HYBE and BE:LIFT for “setting up” ENHYPEN. The insensitivity of the album’s theme, “Orange Blood,” has also been highlighted. This is not the first time HYBE’s collaboration with SPC has faced backlash, as SEVENTEEN’s promotion of Baskin Robbins, another brand under SPC, was also met with criticism. Fans are now urging HYBE to address the issue and take action to protect ENHYPEN’s reputation.

Controversy Surrounding ENHYPEN’s Collaboration

Background of the Collaboration

The recent collaboration between ENHYPEN and a certain company for their comeback has sparked a heated controversy. In an effort to celebrate the release of their new album, ENHYPEN’s management announced a collaboration menu and merchandise that fans could purchase. However, the company they partnered with, SPC, has a troubled history that has raised concerns among fans. SPC, the parent company of Paris Baguette, has faced allegations of gender discrimination and unfair treatment of employees. Additionally, they have been accused of unethical hiring practices, which has further tarnished their reputation.

Criticism and Boycotts from Fans

Unsurprisingly, the collaboration menu and merchandise quickly became the target of criticism and boycotts from ENHYPEN’s dedicated fanbase. Fans expressed their disappointment and anger towards HYBE and BE:LIFT, the agencies responsible for managing ENHYPEN, for choosing to collaborate with SPC despite the company’s controversial track record. The boycott movement gained traction not only among Korean fans but also among international ENGENEs, who joined in expressing their discontent on social media platforms. Fans called for a boycott of the collaboration and voiced their concerns about HYBE’s decision to associate ENHYPEN with a company that has been accused of labor rights violations and supporting unethical practices. The insensitivity of the collaboration’s theme, “Orange Blood,” also drew criticism from fans, further fueling the controversy.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time HYBE has faced backlash for collaborating with SPC. In the past, fans of SEVENTEEN, another group managed by HYBE, expressed their disapproval of the group’s collaboration with Baskin Robbins, another brand under SPC’s umbrella. The recurrence of such controversies has left fans questioning HYBE’s judgment and calling for action to address the negative impact it may have on ENHYPEN.

Issues with SPC Group

Discrimination and Contractual Employment

One of the major concerns surrounding the collaboration between ENHYPEN and SPC Group is the company’s history of discrimination and unfair treatment towards its employees. In particular, Paris Baguette, a franchise under the SPC Group, has been accused of gender discrimination, with female employees being treated differently from their male counterparts. Additionally, the company has been criticized for engaging in sneaky hiring practices, employing young bakers under contractual employment. These allegations have raised serious questions about SPC’s commitment to upholding labor rights and treating their employees fairly.

Mishandling of Employee’s Death

Another troubling incident that has contributed to the controversy surrounding SPC Group is their mishandling of an employee’s tragic death. News reports alleged that the company attempted to reach a settlement agreement with the deceased employee’s mourning parents on the night of their late daughter’s funeral. This insensitive action, coupled with the company’s previous mishandling of the death of a factory employee in her 20s, has further eroded trust and confidence in SPC’s management practices. The fact that SPC sent bread from the place where the employee had died to the funeral guests only added to the public’s outrage and disbelief.

These issues with SPC Group have understandably fueled the criticism and boycotts from fans of ENHYPEN. The collaboration between the group and a company with such a troubled history has raised concerns about the values and principles upheld by HYBE and BE:LIFT, the agencies responsible for managing ENHYPEN. Fans are demanding accountability and transparency, urging the agencies to reconsider their partnerships and ensure that they align with ethical standards.

Netizens’ Anger and Boycott

International Fans Joining the Boycott

The controversy surrounding ENHYPEN’s collaboration with SPC Group has not been limited to Korean fans alone. International fans have also expressed their anger and disappointment, joining the boycott movement against HYBE and BE:LIFT. Through social media platforms, fans from all over the world have voiced their concerns and called for a boycott of the collaboration. They have expressed their solidarity with Korean fans and emphasized the importance of holding companies accountable for their actions. The widespread support for the boycott reflects the global reach and influence of ENHYPEN’s fanbase, as well as their commitment to promoting ethical practices within the entertainment industry.

Insensitive Theme and Collaboration

One of the key factors that has intensified the backlash against the collaboration is the perceived insensitivity of the theme chosen for the collaboration, “Orange Blood.” Fans have criticized the choice of this theme, deeming it inappropriate and tone-deaf given the controversies surrounding SPC Group. The theme’s association with a company accused of labor rights violations and unethical practices has further fueled the anger and disappointment among fans. They argue that the collaboration not only undermines the values and principles that ENHYPEN stands for but also disregards the concerns and well-being of the fanbase. The insensitivity of the theme has become a focal point of criticism, adding to the growing discontent surrounding the collaboration.

The collective anger and boycott movement from netizens, both Korean and international, highlight the power of fan activism and the demand for accountability in the entertainment industry. Fans are calling for transparency, ethical decision-making, and a commitment to social responsibility from the agencies involved. The controversy serves as a reminder that fans play a crucial role in shaping the reputation and success of their favorite artists, and their voices should be heard and respected.

Past Controversies with SPC Group

SEVENTEEN’s Collaboration with Baskin Robbins

The current controversy surrounding ENHYPEN’s collaboration with SPC Group is not the first time that HYBE has faced backlash for partnering with the company. In the past, fans of another HYBE-managed group, SEVENTEEN, expressed their disapproval of the group’s collaboration with Baskin Robbins, a popular ice cream brand also owned by SPC Group. Fans raised concerns about the association with a company that has been embroiled in controversies related to labor rights and ethical practices.

The collaboration with Baskin Robbins sparked a debate among fans, with some questioning the decision-making process of HYBE and expressing disappointment in the company’s choice of partner. The controversy surrounding SEVENTEEN’s collaboration serves as a reminder that fans are vigilant and vocal about the values and principles upheld by their favorite artists and their management agencies. It underscores the importance of considering the reputation and track record of potential collaborators to avoid further controversies and negative impacts on the artists’ image.In conclusion, ENHYPEN’s latest collaboration for their comeback has faced backlash and boycotts from fans due to the company they collaborated with, SPC, being involved in controversies and allegations of labor rights violations. The anger and criticism from both Korean and international fans highlight the disappointment in HYBE and BE:LIFT for partnering with SPC despite its problematic reputation. The insensitivity of the “Orange Blood” theme of the collaboration menu has also been pointed out. This is not the first time HYBE has faced criticism for collaborating with SPC, as SEVENTEEN’s promotion of Baskin Robbins, another brand under SPC, also faced backlash. The negative impact of this collaboration on ENHYPEN’s image and fan support is a cause for concern. Overall, the controversy surrounding this collaboration raises questions about the ethical considerations and decision-making processes of entertainment companies.

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