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Derek Barton, Princeton Indiana, Resident, Death – Derek Barton, a cherished resident of Fort Branch, Indiana, and the esteemed director of the English hand bell choir, the Bells of Harmony.

at Fort Branch Community School, has regrettably passed away. His departure has left an irreplaceable void, particularly within the realms of music education and community involvement. His impact on countless lives, including mine, has been profound, shaping a love for music that endures beyond his physical presence. Mr. Derek Barton wasn’t just a teacher; he was a guiding force, an inspiration, and a treasured figure in the hearts of many.

As the helm of the Fort Branch Community School’s English-hand bell choir, Barton’s dedication and passion for music were unparalleled. His commitment to nurturing talent and instilling a love for music in students made him an invaluable asset to the school’s music program. The loss of his guidance and expertise leaves an indelible mark, altering the landscape of musical education within the Fort Branch Community School forever.

Derek Barton’s affection for music was deeply rooted in his familial upbringing. His grandmother, Ruth Swain Atkinson, and his mother, Sue Ellen Barton, played pivotal roles in cultivating his musical inclinations. Their influence, coupled with joyful family singing sessions in the car or at church, laid the foundation for Barton’s lifelong affinity for music. The support from his grandfather, Lestle Atkinson, in financing his initial piano lessons, further fueled Barton’s musical journey.

Throughout his life, Barton encountered several influential mentors and figures within the music realm. Glory Heyde and various band directors at Pike Central and Oakland City University, such as Jim Earnest, Paul Metzger, Richard Bernhart, and Jim Bolte, significantly impacted his musical development.

Even during his tenure as the pastor of Princeton’s Broadway Christian Church, Barton’s devotion to music persisted, intertwining seamlessly with his spiritual endeavors. His debut musical performance took place within the sanctity of a church service, reflecting the profound connection between his music and faith.

Beyond his role at Fort Branch Community School, Barton continued to serve his community through music. He directed the neighborhood Melody Makers vocalists and shared his musical expertise as a piano teacher for the Sunday school class at Mount Tabor General Baptist Church, where he was raised.

His diverse musical talents were not limited to directing choirs; Barton was a multifaceted musician, playing bass in the local band Styll Country and contributing to the pit orchestra at Gibson Southern High School. Additionally, his proficiency as a saxophonist, honed during his high school years, remained a significant aspect of his musical identity.

The legacy of Derek Barton transcends his roles and accomplishments. He leaves behind a profound impact on the lives he touched, inspiring a love for music that echoes through the corridors of Fort Branch Community School and resonates within the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him.

His absence is deeply felt, and his memory will forever remain intertwined with the melodies that continue to shape the musical fabric of the community he dearly cherished. Rest in peace, Mr. Derek Barton, your music will forever echo in our hearts.

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