Des Plaines Shooting Today: Local Schools Placed on Secure Mode

In a shocking development today in Des Plaines, Illinois, a shooting resulted in Orchard Place Elementary School and Iroquois Community School being placed on “safe” mode. This decision was made as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of students and staff at both schools.

School response

Orchard Place Elementary School and Iroquois Community Schools responded promptly to this situation, following established procedures for such incidents. Both facilities were placed in secure mode, meaning all exterior doors were locked, but classes continued as normal inside. This procedure is often used when potential threats are identified near school grounds.

Community impact

This incident has understandably raised concerns among parents, staff and the broader Des Plaines community. However, local authorities responded quickly, aiming to reassure residents that all necessary steps are being taken to ensure public safety.

Investigation underway

The Des Plaines Police Department is currently investigating the shooting. While details about the incident are still emerging, authorities have urged the public to remain calm and patient as they work to clarify the circumstances surrounding the event.


As the community grapples with this disturbing event, it is important to remember the importance of public safety and the role each individual plays in maintaining it. The rapid response of Orchard Place Elementary and Iroquois Community Schools is a stark reminder of the importance of preparedness in times of crisis.

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