DJ SODA Wants To Date A Chaebol But Has Only Dated “Poor People”

DJ SODA, the globally renowned DJ with millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram, recently addressed rumors about her dating preferences. On a YouTube show, she laughed off the speculation that she only dates members of wealthy business families, known as chaebols. In fact, she revealed that she has always dated “poor people” and expressed her annoyance at the rumors. While she admitted to being interested in meeting a chaebol one day, she clarified that the rumors were inaccurate. DJ SODA’s focus remains on her work, as she travels extensively and releases music alongside her busy schedule.

DJ SODA Clarifies Rumors about Dating Chaebols

DJ SODA recently addressed the ongoing rumors surrounding her dating preferences, specifically the notion that she exclusively dates chaebols, individuals from affluent business families. Setting the record straight, DJ SODA laughed off these rumors, expressing her frustration at being misunderstood. She emphasized that she has actually dated individuals from more modest backgrounds and even expressed her openness to dating a chaebol. It is important to note that these rumors are unfounded and do not accurately reflect her dating history.

Appearance on Tak Jae Hoon’s YouTube Show

During a recent guest appearance on Tak Jae Hoon’s YouTube show, “No Back Tak Jae Hoon,” DJ SODA found herself in a unique setting resembling a fake interrogation room. The show’s concept revolves around “interrogating” guests, providing an entertaining and lighthearted atmosphere for conversation. This particular episode allowed DJ SODA to share insights into her life and career as a globally renowned DJ.

Introduction of DJ SODA’s Global Fame

Renowned for her talent and popularity, DJ SODA boasts an impressive following on various social media platforms. With over 1.78 million YouTube subscribers and 5.24 million Instagram followers, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. During the show, DJ SODA discussed her hectic schedule, which involves frequent international travel. She revealed that she visits an average of 20 countries and 60 cities each year, highlighting the global reach of her DJ career.

Laughing off the Rumors

When confronted with the rumors surrounding her dating preferences, DJ SODA responded with laughter, dismissing the notion that she exclusively dates chaebols. She expressed her annoyance at these baseless rumors, emphasizing that she has dated individuals from various backgrounds. DJ SODA’s lighthearted response showcases her ability to handle such rumors with grace and humor.

Teasing about Meeting Chaebols

During the show, the hosts playfully teased DJ SODA about her supposed interest in meeting chaebols. They jokingly suggested specific types of chaebols she might be interested in, such as those associated with Google or clubs. However, DJ SODA playfully responded that she had not given it much thought, indicating that her focus lies elsewhere.

Dating “Poor People” and Being the Gift-Giver

When asked about her experiences dating individuals from less affluent backgrounds, DJ SODA candidly admitted that she often found herself in the role of the gift-giver in these relationships. She shared that she would frequently buy her partners various items, while receiving few gifts in return. One example she mentioned was gifting a cellphone, highlighting her generosity and willingness to invest in her relationships.

Focusing on Work and Being a Workaholic

Despite her interest in meeting a wealthy man, DJ SODA made it clear that her primary focus at the moment is her work. She described herself as a workaholic, dedicating herself to her craft and striving for excellence. Her commitment to her career is evident in her busy schedule, which includes performing in different countries and collaborating with other artists.

Interest in Meeting a Wealthy Man

While DJ SODA expressed her openness to dating a chaebol, it is important to note that she has not received any signals from individuals fitting this description. Her interest in meeting a wealthy man stems from her curiosity and the potential for a different life experience. However, it is crucial to understand that her dating preferences are not limited to chaebols, as she remains open to connections with individuals from various backgrounds.

DJ SODA’s Career and Recent Incidents

DJ SODA has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry, with a successful career that spans across various platforms. However, her journey has not been without its challenges. Recently, DJ SODA faced a distressing incident of sexual harassment while performing overseas. Despite this unfortunate experience, she has shown resilience and continues to pursue her passion for music.

Sexual Harassment Incident

DJ SODA’s encounter with sexual harassment shed light on the pervasive issue within the entertainment industry. While performing in different countries, she faced an unsettling incident that highlighted the need for greater awareness and action against such misconduct. DJ SODA’s courage in speaking out about her experience serves as an inspiration to others and contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding the importance of creating safe environments for artists.

Music Releases and Collaborations

In addition to her successful DJ career, DJ SODA has also ventured into the realm of music production. She has collaborated with various artists, showcasing her versatility and ability to adapt to different genres. One notable collaboration is her feature on David Yong’s song “Drippin,” where she lends her unique style and talent to create a captivating musical experience. DJ SODA’s dedication to her craft and her willingness to explore new creative avenues demonstrate her commitment to growth and artistic expression.


The information provided in this content is based on the YouTube show “No Back Tak Jae Hoon,” where DJ SODA appeared as a guest. The show, hosted by Tak Jae Hoon, offers a unique and entertaining platform for interviews and conversations. The content also draws from DJ SODA’s own statements and experiences shared during the show. For further information and to watch the full episode, please refer to the original source: No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube.

In a recent interview on Tak Jae Hoon’s YouTube show, DJ SODA clarified rumors that she only dates chaebols, stating that she has actually dated poor people in the past. She expressed annoyance at the misconception and even mentioned her interest in dating a chaebol. However, she admitted that she hasn’t thought about it that far. DJ SODA also revealed that she was usually the gift-giver in her relationships and rarely received gifts. Despite her interest in meeting a wealthy man, it seems that the rumors about her dating preferences are inaccurate. DJ SODA remains focused on her work and is currently a workaholic.

Overall, this interview provides insight into DJ SODA’s personal life and dispels the misconception that she exclusively dates chaebols. It highlights her busy schedule as a DJ and her dedication to her career. DJ SODA’s openness and humor in addressing the rumors leave a lasting impression, showcasing her down-to-earth personality.

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