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Doris Kettle Obituary, Death – After a brief illness, Doris Kettle passed away peacefully in Woodburn, Oregon, surrounded by her loving family, on November 30, 2023. The world bid her farewell. Doris Hornsby brings a wealth of warmth, compassion, and treasured memories to the world. She was born in Winton to parents Albert and Mary on January 13, 1928.

The kindness and generosity of Doris’s life touched the lives of many, and she was always there to lend a helping hand. Those who were fortunate enough to know her will never be the same. Her wisdom and compassion were an inspiration to everyone she met; she was a cherished friend, grandma, and mother. Cremation, with no formal services at her request, is a fitting tribute to her humility and simplicity of spirit.

Doris was the type of person who placed a higher value on the little things in life, such as the times spent with loved ones, than on elaborate celebrations. Her soul may have left this world, but the memories she left behind will keep her alive in our hearts. Her loved ones will remember her for all the years to come because of the love, laughter, and wisdom she shared. Let us rejoice in Doris Kettle’s life a life marked by kindness, generosity, and selflessness even as we grieve her passing.

We will be more compassionate, understanding, and grateful for the time we spend with the people we care about because of her legacy. As we bid farewell to an extraordinary soul, we take comfort in the knowledge that Doris’s influence will endure in the lives of those she touched. Doris Kettle, may you rest in peace; the love you shared with the world will live on.

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