“Drunk” Bartender Destroys Soldier’s ID After Accusing Him of It Being Fake

A TikTok video has gone viral, showing a bartender accusing a military veteran of having a fake military ID card and engaging in a heated argument. The video, uploaded by the TikTok account Armed Green, has gained over 1 million likes. In the clip, the bartender can be seen yelling at customers, bending the customer’s ID card, and refusing to believe that it is legitimate. Despite the customer’s insistence, the bartender continues to argue and even throws various cards at the customers. Eventually, a police officer arrives and verifies the customer’s identity, leading to the return of the military ID. The video has sparked discussions about the behavior of the bartender and the authenticity of military IDs.

Controversial Incident Involving Bartender and Military Veteran

An incident involving a bartender and a military veteran has sparked controversy and gained attention on social media platforms. The incident, captured in a viral video, has raised questions about the treatment of veterans and the importance of verifying military identification.

Video Goes Viral on TikTok

A video of the altercation was uploaded on TikTok and quickly went viral, amassing over 1 million likes. The footage shows a bartender engaging in a heated argument with customers, particularly targeting a military veteran.

Altercation at the Bar

The video begins with the bartender aggressively confronting customers, claiming that one of them is using a fake military ID card. The bartender accuses the customer of “stolen valor” and questions their service in Afghanistan and Iraq. The tense atmosphere in the bar escalates as the bartender becomes increasingly confrontational.

Dispute Over Military ID

The bartender holds up the customer’s ID, declaring it to be fake and proceeds to bend the card while hurling insults. The customer maintains that the ID is legitimate and requests its return, but the bartender adamantly refuses, further exacerbating the situation.

Refusal to Return ID

Despite the customer’s repeated pleas, the bartender stubbornly refuses to return the military ID. The bartender dismisses the customer’s claims and suggests that they go to a military base to obtain a new ID, implying that it would be a simple process if the ID were genuine.

Arguments and Tensions Escalate

The argument intensifies as the bartender asserts that military IDs cannot peel or have their laminate scratched off, contradicting comments from viewers who claim otherwise. The bartender’s frustration grows, leading them to throw various credit cards and even their social security card at the customers recording the incident.

Attempts to Calm the Bartender

Other individuals behind the bar, presumably employees, attempt to calm the bartender and prevent further escalation. Their efforts to pacify the bartender and diffuse the situation demonstrate a recognition of the need to maintain a peaceful environment.

Police Officer Arrives

Amidst the escalating tensions, a police officer arrives at the bar. The bartender retrieves the military ID and hands it over to the officer. Seeking clarification, the bartender asks the officer if military IDs can become de-laminated, to which the officer confirms that they can.

Resolution and Departure

The customer finally receives their military ID back, and the video concludes with them leaving the bar. The resolution of the incident highlights the importance of addressing conflicts and ensuring the proper handling of identification.

Reactions on Social Media

The video has generated a range of reactions on social media platforms. Many users commend the calm demeanor of the military members involved in the incident. Others have pointed out that credit cards can indeed have their layers peeled back, contrary to the bartender’s claims. The incident has sparked discussions about the treatment of veterans and the responsibility of establishments to verify identification accurately.

In conclusion, a TikTok video went viral showing a bartender accusing a military veteran of having a fake military ID card and engaging in a heated argument. The bartender refused to believe the customer’s claims and even bent the ID card. Despite the customer’s calm demeanor, the bartender continued to argue and refused to apologize. Eventually, a police officer arrived and verified the customer’s identity, leading to the return of the military ID. This incident highlights the importance of respecting and honoring military service, as well as the need for proper training and awareness regarding military IDs. It also raises questions about the bartender’s behavior and the potential consequences of falsely accusing someone of “stolen valor.”


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