Emily Lind Biography

Activity Actress
Nationality USA

Birth May 6, 2002 (Chicago, Illinois, United States)

Recognized for playing Amanda Clarke, Emily Alyn Lin is a young American actress who has worked in quite a few projects for her young age. Taste of Honey (2008) was her debut film and was followed by Enter the Void (2009) and J. Edgar (2011), where she shared credits with the renowned actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. On television she has occasionally participated in famous series such as Flashpoint (2008-2012), Hawaii Cinco-0 (2010-) or Criminal Minds (2005-). However, the character for which she is most recognized is Amanda in the series Revenge (2011-2015) since she participated there for more than 15 episodes. Additionally, due to this role, Lin won an award for best young actress in the “ten or less” category at the 2012 Young Artist Awards. Another of her recurring roles is in Black Code (2015-2018), a series of medical drama where he has appeared in various episodes. While this series was taking place, Emily appeared in the Netflix horror film The Babysitter (2017). She recently participated in Réplicas (2018) as well as season two of the series Sacred Lies (2018-). Emily Alyn Lind is part of the cast of the new adaptation of Stephen King’s books, Doctor Sleep (2019).

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