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Eric Montross was an iconic figure in basketball and an integral member of the University of North Carolina (UNC) community who courageously fought cancer until his death at the age of 52. His life was marked by many achievements on and off the basketball court as well as profound contributions from there, which left an indelible mark on those around him – this article expresses his gratitude. pay our respects to Eric by discussing his life, career, and legacy.

Eric Montross is a respected icon in American college and professional basketball, revered for his towering presence and unmatched skills on the court. Coming from a family that valued both sports and education equally, Montross quickly found a passionate passion for the sport when he went to the University of North Carolina to play under the legendary coach Dean Smith from 1990-1994 – earned two-time All-America honors from the Associated Press while helping lead UNC to its first NCAA title that year.

Montross was selected by the Boston Celtics with the ninth overall draft in 1994 to begin his eight-year NBA career, playing for various teams such as the Celtics, Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors before retiring in 2002 As a successful basketball player – due to his work ethic, leadership, and friendly attitude – many teammates spoke highly of Montross because they shared in his success while his teammates did as well. His colleagues admire him very much.

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In March, it was announced that Eric Montross had been diagnosed with cancer, a development that forced him to relinquish his duties as radio analyst for UNC game broadcasts. Despite the diagnosis, Montross faced his illness with the strength and dignity that characterized his professional career. He died Sunday, surrounded by loved ones at his home in Chapel Hill, leaving behind a grieving community and a legacy of courage and resilience.

Montross’s battle with cancer was more than a personal battle; it is a continuation of his longstanding commitment to supporting cancer research and patients. For decades, he was actively involved in fundraising for childhood cancer research and regularly visited cancer patients, often accompanied by UNC athletes.

How did Eric Montross die?

Eric Montross was laid to rest Sunday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, surrounded by family and loved ones. Although the details of his battle against cancer are not public, Montross bravely fought against it with great courage and grace; His death has left a void in the hearts of fans, colleagues and loved ones around the UNC community and beyond.

Montross’ death not only marks an irreparable blow to basketball but also a loss to humanity. His dedication to helping those battling cancer showcased his character and showed how much of an impact he had off the field.

Montross’ legacy in the community

Eric Montross’ legacy extends far beyond his achievements in basketball. He is deeply committed to community service, especially supporting cancer research and patient care. As senior major gifts director at the Rams Club, UNC’s athletic fundraising organization, Montross plays a key role in supporting the university’s athletic programs.

His philanthropic efforts include launching a father-son basketball camp over Father’s Day weekend, with proceeds going to support UNC Children’s Hospital. This initiative is one of many ways Montross uses his platform to give back to the community and support causes close to his heart.

Gratitude and condolences

The passing of Eric Montross has brought an outpouring of tributes and condolences from across sports – not only from former teammates and coaches but also from coaches, sports analysts, and staff. public figure and alumni, who knew him as more than just a sports star. Former teammates, coaches, sports analysts, and public figures all mourned his loss as they shared memories and expressed sadness for a man who was more than just a player. basketball.

Derrick Phelps, Montross’s teammate on the 1993 NCAA championship team, expressed his immense sadness on social media, remembering Montross not only as a center on the court but also as a beloved friend. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, himself a former Duke player, described Montross as “the kindest guy with a truly wonderful soul.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also paid tribute to Montross, recognizing his significant contributions both on and off the basketball court to UNC community life and across North Carolina.


Eric Montross’ death is an irreparable loss to basketball, the UNC community and all those touched by his kindness and generosity. His legacy as a player, broadcaster, community leader and family man will live on in the memories of future generations; Montross is an inspiring example of how athletic ability combined with a dedication to making a positive contribution will leave a lasting mark on society. We will cherish his memory as his contributions will not soon be forgotten.

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