Ex-OpenAI CEO Sam Altman faces accusations from sister

Sam Altman, the 38-year-old former CEO of OpenAI, was in conversation with Jack Kornfield, a beloved Buddhist monk in Silicon Valley, during the Wisdom 2.0 gathering at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco last spring. The meeting aimed to intertwine knowledge with “the epoch’s remarkable technologies”. They were seated on a stage adorned with a dark mandala, comfortably nestled in oversized white cushioned chairs.

However, Altman’s presence puzzled even the host, who struggled to fully grasp the persona of the American entrepreneur and investor who previously held the position of Y Combinator’s president from 2014 to 2019 and OpenAI’s chief executive officer from 2019 to 2023.

The multimillionaire Altman has drawn attention recently for his alleged lack of financial support for his sister, Annie, who has an OnlyFans account. Her occupation, however, remains undisclosed. In the wake of Annie’s allegations of assault, Altman reportedly proposed buying her a house in 2022. Annie, on the other hand, interpreted this as a ploy to silence her.

Delving deeper into the siblings of Sam Altman, we note his brother, Jack Altman, who is the CEO of the business software startup Lattice. Jack has publicly voiced his support for Sam, asserting him to be one of the most compassionate and kind individuals he knows, a trait he regards as more significant than Sam’s intelligence and influence.

Raised in a Jewish household in St. Louis, Missouri, Altman received his first computer, an Apple Macintosh, at the tender age of eight. He revered Steve Jobs as his “childhood idol” and attended the elite John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri. Altman later dropped out of Stanford University in 2005 after a year of studying computer science, without acquiring a bachelor’s degree.

Altman’s sister, Annie, who does not have a Wikipedia account, is currently in the spotlight due to a sexual assault case that has garnered significant media attention. She made headlines after alleging that Sam sexually abused her, leading to his ousting as the CEO of OpenAI.

Annie’s old tweets have resurfaced on social media in which she alleges, “I suffered from verbal, financial, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse from my biological siblings, primarily Sam Altman and some from Jack Altman.”

The tweet that implicated Sam in the controversy has re-emerged, prompting an array of questions online. Despite the absence of any formal sexual assault allegations against Sam Altman at present, the recent accusations have triggered a wave of criticism on social media.

Furthermore, some critics have accused the media of suppressing the allegations to maintain access to OpenAI. Accusations also suggest that Annie Altman was subjected to social media shadowbanning for speaking out against her brother.

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