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Father Don Cullen Obituary, Death – We regret to tell you of the recent passing of Father Don Cullen, who was residing in Kansas City. We extend our heartfelt sympathies as we convey this information to you. Father Cullen demonstrated compassion and faith, and his unwavering dedication to serve the community had a significant influence on numerous individuals.

The Leaven family issued a statement expressing their grief, stating that Father Don Cullen has regrettably passed away today. Let us unite in prayer to mourn the passing of Father Cullen and express our heartfelt condolences to those who were in close proximity to him during this period of immense grief. The future will have a lasting remembrance of the profound influence he exerted on the community, the churchgoers, and those fortunate enough to have acquainted with him, evoking sentiments of gratitude and admiration.

The burial ceremony at the Cure of Ars Catholic Church on Friday, December 1 at eleven o’clock in the morning will commemorate the life of Father Don Cullen and honor his departure. The recital of the rosary will take place precisely at 6 o’clock on Thursday, November 30th. While there is currently no scheduled visiting, participating in this event will allow the community to unite in prayer and demonstrate mutual support.

During this challenging period, individuals who are mourning may find solace in the recollections of Father Cullen’s counsel, benevolence, and spiritual guidance. Let us commemorate the guy who selflessly dedicated his entire life to serving others, disregarding his own needs. We may honor him by keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. The impact of his achievements will endure indefinitely. May Father Don Cullen find eternal peace, and may his soul serve as an enduring source of inspiration and guidance for all of us.

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