Fernando Sanchez Death, Laredo Texas Victim Of Hit-And-Run Crash Passes Away

Fernando Sanchez Death – The community of Laredo, Texas, is grieving the loss of 74-year-old Fernando Antonio Fox Sanchez, who succumbed to injuries sustained in a hit-and-run crash earlier this week. The incident occurred on Monday, December 18, 2023, near the intersection of Jefferson and San Bernardo Avenue. Laredo Police responded to a distress call reporting an elderly man struck by a vehicle.

As the investigation unfolded, the victim was identified as Fernando Antonio Fox Sanchez, and the vehicle responsible for the hit-and-run was determined to be a black 2016 Lincoln MKZ. The vehicle was registered to 24-year-old Eryka Castillo. Shockingly, surveillance footage from the Lincoln Juarez Bridge revealed the Lincoln MKZ with matching damage, crossing from Laredo into Mexico.

In response to this evidence, the Crimes Against Persons Unit took swift action, locating and interviewing Eryka Castillo. Subsequently, it was established that Castillo was indeed the driver during the hit-and-run incident. She now faces charges of accident involving injuries and tampering with evidence. Authorities have hinted that additional charges may be forthcoming.

The passing of Fernando Antonio Fox Sanchez has cast a somber mood over the community, as friends, family, and neighbors mourn the loss of a beloved member. The elderly victim’s life was tragically cut short, leaving behind not only a grieving family but also a community grappling with the consequences of a heartless hit-and-run.

The incident has sparked concerns about road safety and the responsibility of drivers to remain vigilant and accountable for their actions. Hit-and-run incidents not only result in immediate harm but also leave lasting scars on communities, prompting calls for increased awareness and stricter enforcement of traffic laws.

As the legal process unfolds, the community remains united in grief, seeking justice for Fernando Antonio Fox Sanchez and solace for his grieving loved ones. The impact of this tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the devastating consequences when that responsibility is neglected.

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