Fort Recovery,OH: Jason Geier dies after his battle with cancer

Fort Recovery, Ohio – The Fort Recovery community is deeply saddened by the death of Jason Geier, a resilient individual who heroically fought against colon cancer. Mr. Geier received his initial diagnosis in 2018, and despite numerous tests and chemotherapy treatments throughout the year, the disease had spread to his liver and bladder.

On the evening of New Year’s Eve 2018, the Fort Recovery resident, affectionately known as “Chainsaw,” faced the harsh reality of his health condition. Despite his strong spirit, challenges persisted and he continued to endure chemotherapy treatments in an effort to fight the deadly disease.

A glimmer of hope appeared in January 2020 when scans showed no evidence of cancer, prompting Mr. Geier to stop treatment. However, the optimism was short-lived because in October of the same year, it was discovered that the cancer had returned to his liver, forcing him to continue chemotherapy.

Mr. Geier is survived by his wife, Melissa, and their four young sons. The Fort Recovery community has shown unwavering support during this challenging time. Sawyer Overman’s annual Wiffle Ball Benefit weekend selected Jason and Melissa Geier and their family as the recipients of donations from the 50-50 event held during the New Year’s Eve party. Their purpose is to assist families with medical expenses or any other needs they may have.

As we reflect on the life of Jason Geier, let us celebrate the resilience, strength, and love he shared with his family. We extend our deepest condolences to Melissa, their children and the entire community as they face this profound loss.

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