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Frank Fallon Obituary, Death – A gloomy message that hits close to home arrives with the dawning of a new day. We regret to inform you of the sudden demise on Thanksgiving morning of Frank Fallon, the revered DHHIR group founder, and it is with deep sadness that we do so. Many in this community will miss him dearly because of the hole he has created.

More than simply a founder, Frank passionately and tirelessly nurtured the DHHIR group, making him its guiding force. Through his vision, he was able to unite people who had something in common, creating an environment where they could feel safe enough to open up and share their stories. We are in mourning as we consider the impact of a man whose untimely departure brought us together in grief.

Our deepest sympathies are with Jo and Frank’s loved ones as they endure this terrible loss. The loved ones left behind by Frank will always be a source of comfort and strength. We will always remember Frank for his dedication to building a community that provided understanding and support. His selflessness impacted numerous people, both within and outside of the DHHIR group.

Together, we can hold Jo and Frank’s family in our prayers for healing and peace as they go through this difficult time. Frank Fallon’s legacy will live on in the DHHIR group because of the lasting sense of camaraderie and support he brought to the group. Let Frank rest in peace. The bonds you created and the people you united will always remember you. I will miss you terribly, but I will never forget you.

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