Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School Incident: Alleged Stabbing and Shooting

A shocking incident occurred at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School on Friday afternoon, with reports indicating that both the stabbing and shooting occurred on school property.

Past incidents at FDR High School

FDR High School is unfortunately no stranger to violent incidents. In 2000, a student was stabbed to death just 100 yards from school. More recently, in 2003, assistant principal Clinton Knoll was found bleeding in the school bathroom. It was later revealed that Knoll had stabbed himself, leading to his resignation. and the subsequent arrest.

Current incident details

Details about the current incident are still unclear. The New York Police Department is actively investigating the incident. Currently, no information has been released about any potential victims or suspects involved.

Community feedback

This incident certainly sent shockwaves throughout the school community and the greater Brooklyn area. Parents, students and faculty are awaiting further details from the police investigation.


The recent incident at FDR High School is a stark reminder of the urgent need to strengthen safety measures in schools. As the community awaits more information, we share our thoughts with those affected by this tragic event.

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