Please Tell Us There’s a ‘Golden Bachelor’ Season 2

Get ready for some exciting news about The Golden Bachelor! Fans are eagerly awaiting the end of the first season and are already hoping for a Season 2. While ABC has not officially announced a renewal yet, the impressive viewership numbers and the potential for advertising revenue make it a strong possibility. The first season was a hit, with 11.1 million viewers tuning in for the premiere episode. If a second season does happen, it would likely follow a similar filming and premiere schedule as other shows in The Bachelor franchise. And it’s not just fans who are excited about the prospect of a second season – host Jesse Palmer has expressed his support for a Golden Bachelorette. With strong contenders like Faith Martin and Joan Vassos, there are plenty of deserving women who could find love in a potential Season 2. Stay tuned for updates and don’t miss the finale episodes of The Golden Bachelor on ABC!

The Golden Bachelor: Season 2 Updates

The anticipation for a second season of The Golden Bachelor is at an all-time high as fans eagerly await news of its renewal. While ABC has not officially announced a Season 2 yet, there is reason to remain hopeful. The premiere episode of the show garnered an impressive viewership of 11.1 million, making it the most-watched telecast in The Bachelor franchise since November 2020. With such strong numbers, it would be a wise business decision for ABC to renew the show for another season.

Renewal Status

As of now, ABC has not given the green light for a second season of The Golden Bachelor. However, given the show’s popularity and the positive response from viewers, there is a good chance that a renewal announcement may be on the horizon. Fans are eagerly awaiting news and keeping their fingers crossed for the return of their favorite dating show.

Viewership Numbers and Potential Renewal

The success of The Golden Bachelor’s first season can be attributed to its dedicated fan base. The premiere episode drew in a massive audience of 11.1 million viewers within just one week, making it a standout in The Bachelor franchise. These impressive viewership numbers not only reflect the show’s popularity but also translate into significant advertising revenue for ABC. Considering the financial aspect, it would be a strategic move for the network to renew the show for a second season.

Possible Filming Schedule

If The Golden Bachelor is renewed for a second season, it is likely to follow a similar filming schedule as the first season. The initial season was filmed in August 2023 and premiered at the end of September. Following the pattern of other franchise shows like Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor, which have specific filming and premiere dates, it is reasonable to expect a similar timeline for The Golden Bachelor Season 2. Fans can look forward to more romantic adventures and heartfelt connections if the show returns.

Potential Golden Bachelorette

As fans eagerly await news of a second season of The Golden Bachelor, speculation has begun about who could be the next Golden Bachelorette. While ABC has not made any official announcements, there are some intriguing possibilities for the leading lady of the show’s next installment. Let’s explore the potential candidates and the buzz surrounding them.

Comments from Host Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer, the charismatic host of The Golden Bachelor, has expressed his personal opinion on the matter of a Golden Bachelorette. In an interview with E! News, Palmer revealed that he is hopeful for a female version of the show, stating, “As the show goes on, you learn more about these women, what they’ve been through. I think there’s going to be a swell in support of there being a Golden Bachelorette.” His endorsement adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the possibility of a female-led season.

Fan Favorites: Faith Martin and Joan Vassos

Among the contestants who have captured the hearts of viewers during The Golden Bachelor’s first season, two stand out as fan favorites for the role of the Golden Bachelorette. Faith Martin, who left the show after Hometown Week, left a lasting impression with her undeniable connection with Gerry and her touching personal story. Her departure was met with shock and disappointment from fans, who believe she deserves a second chance at finding love.

Another strong contender for the role is Joan Vassos, who may have left the show early but made a lasting impact on America. Her bold choice to wear Bachelorette black during the “Women Tell All” episode caught everyone’s attention and showcased her confidence and individuality. Joan’s departure left fans wanting to see more of her journey and rooting for her to find love in a future season.

While Faith Martin and Joan Vassos are fan favorites, it’s important to note that every woman who appeared on The Golden Bachelor has left a lasting impression. The show’s first season has been filled with remarkable individuals, making it a unique season where there are no wrong choices for the Golden Bachelorette. Fans eagerly await any updates on who will take on this coveted role and continue the journey to find true love.


The Golden Bachelor has captivated audiences with its first season, leaving fans eagerly anticipating news of a potential second season. While ABC has yet to announce a renewal, the overwhelming support from viewers and the show’s impressive viewership numbers make a strong case for its return. The possibility of a Golden Bachelorette has also sparked excitement and speculation among fans, with potential candidates generating buzz. As the season comes to a close, fans are eagerly awaiting the finale episodes and wondering who will ultimately win Gerry’s heart.

Support for a Second Season

The Golden Bachelor’s first season has garnered immense support from fans, evident in the show’s record-breaking viewership numbers. With 11.1 million viewers tuning in to the premiere episode within just one week, it’s clear that the show has struck a chord with audiences. The strong viewership not only reflects the show’s popularity but also presents a compelling argument for ABC to renew it for a second season. The anticipation and enthusiasm from fans further solidify the case for continuing the romantic journey of The Golden Bachelor.

Finale Episodes and Where to Watch

For those invested in the love story unfolding on The Golden Bachelor, the finale episodes are a must-watch. Viewers can catch the dramatic conclusion of Gerry’s journey to find love on ABC. The finale episodes promise to deliver emotional moments, heartfelt connections, and a resolution to the season-long search for a life partner. Tune in to ABC on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST to witness the final chapters of The Golden Bachelor and discover who will receive the coveted final rose.

In conclusion, fans of The Golden Bachelor are eagerly awaiting news of a second season, but unfortunately, ABC has not yet renewed the show. However, the impressive viewership numbers and potential advertising revenue make it likely that a second season will be considered. If renewed, the filming schedule would likely follow a similar timeline to the first season. While there is no official announcement about a Golden Bachelorette, host Jesse Palmer has expressed his hope for it. Fans have speculated that Faith Martin and Joan Vassos could be strong contenders for the role. Ultimately, all the women on The Golden Bachelor have left a lasting impact and deserve a second chance at love. Stay tuned for updates on the future of The Golden Bachelor.

Will ABC renew The Golden Bachelor for a second season? Who will be the Golden Bachelorette? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – the first season of The Golden Bachelor has captured the hearts of viewers and left them eagerly anticipating what comes next.


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