Graham Norton Biography

Activity Actor
Real name Graham William Walker
Nationality Ireland

Birth April 4, 1963 (Dublin – Ireland)

Graham William Walker, better known as Graham Norton , is an Irish actor and television presenter, born April 4, 1963, in Dublin, Ireland. The only child of a couple who moved frequently, Graham grew up in Cork, where, studying at the National University, he became obsessed with the study of languages ​​and literature from various countries. He spent some time in England and then traveled to San Francisco, where he studied at the Central Studio of Speaking and Acting Skills. Returning to his country, he became a member of the British Acting Equality Association, where he assumed the pseudonym Norton, which was invented by his great-grandmother. He made his debut on British radio BBC Radio 4 on a morning show and, shortly after, his popularity led him to television for a talk show. His style, with lots of jokes and laughter, helped him become among the audience’s favorites. Norton is known for his popular program The Graham Norton Show , which is broadcast worldwide and is one of the references in showbiz and an almost obligatory visit for any artist who wishes to promote his work. In 2020 he provided his voice for the voice cast of the animated film Soul , available on Disney+.

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