“Group Chat?!” BTS Jungkook’s Has ARMYs Confused With A Very Personal Question About Himself

BTS’s Jungkook has always had a special relationship with ARMYs, but it seems he may have forgotten that they are not actually members of the group. In a recent announcement on Weverse, it was revealed that Jungkook would be holding a special Q&A session, but with a twist – he would be asking the questions to ARMYs. While many of the questions were adorable and allowed fans to express their love for Jungkook, one question in particular had fans both confused and amused. Jungkook asked ARMYs, “What was the last thing I said in the group chat with the members?” This question led fans to joke that Jungkook must have forgotten that ARMYs don’t have access to the group chat. Despite the misunderstanding, it’s heartwarming to see that Jungkook considers the bond between BTS and ARMYs to be so close that he assumes they would know the answer.

Jungkook’s Special Q&A with ARMYs

Jungkook, the beloved member of BTS, has always had a special bond with ARMYs, the dedicated fanbase of the group. In a delightful surprise, it was announced on November 14 that Jungkook will be holding a special Q&A session exclusively for ARMYs. This exciting event allows fans to interact with their favorite idol in a unique way, creating a sense of closeness and connection.

Surprise Announcement from Weverse

On that eventful day, ARMYs were pleasantly surprised when they received a special announcement from Weverse, the platform where BTS and their fans interact. The BTS fan manager revealed the details of Jungkook’s upcoming Q&A session, generating a wave of excitement among the fandom. It’s moments like these that remind us of the strong bond between BTS and their dedicated fanbase.

Jungkook Asks ARMYs the Questions

What makes this Q&A session even more unique is the twist that Jungkook himself will be the one asking the questions. Instead of fans asking their beloved idol, Jungkook has taken the initiative to inquire about the thoughts and opinions of ARMYs. This unexpected role reversal adds a refreshing and playful element to the interaction, showcasing Jungkook’s genuine interest in his fans’ perspectives.

Adorable Questions and Reactions

During Jungkook’s special Q&A session with ARMYs, fans were treated to a series of adorable and heartwarming questions. These questions allowed ARMYs to express their love and admiration for Jungkook in creative and endearing ways. From sharing the first word that comes to mind when thinking of him to imagining the perfect meal they would enjoy together, the Q&A became a delightful showcase of the deep connection between Jungkook and his fans.

Delulu Central: Questions about Jungkook

The Q&A session quickly turned into what fans affectionately referred to as “delulu central.” This term refers to the playful and imaginative nature of the questions that were asked. ARMYs let their creativity run wild as they pondered hypothetical scenarios and shared their wildest dreams involving Jungkook. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and laughter as fans eagerly participated in this lighthearted exchange with their beloved idol.

The Hilarious Question: Last Thing in Group Chat

Among the many questions that Jungkook asked, one in particular stood out and had fans both confused and amused. It was the question that humorously inquired about the last thing Jungkook said in the group chat with the other BTS members. While it was clear that Jungkook was joking, some fans couldn’t help but play along, imagining themselves as part of the exclusive BTS group chat. The question sparked a wave of humorous reactions and memes, showcasing the playful dynamic between Jungkook and his dedicated fanbase.

Jungkook’s Close Bond with ARMYs

Jungkook, the talented member of BTS, shares an incredibly close bond with ARMYs, the devoted fanbase of the group. This bond goes beyond the typical idol-fan relationship, as Jungkook has always shown immense love and appreciation for his fans. Through his interactions and gestures, he has created a sense of unity and connection that is cherished by both him and ARMYs.

Jungkook’s Assumption and ARMYs’ Reactions

During the special Q&A session, Jungkook asked a question that had fans both amused and surprised. He playfully inquired about the last thing he said in the group chat with the other BTS members, assuming that ARMYs had access to this exclusive conversation. While it was clear that Jungkook was joking, fans couldn’t help but find humor in the situation. They playfully responded, highlighting the fact that they are not actually members of BTS and do not have access to their private group chat.

The Sweetness of Jungkook’s Thinking

Despite the playful assumption, there is a sweetness in Jungkook’s thinking. It reflects the deep bond he shares with ARMYs and his genuine belief in their connection. Jungkook’s assumption shows that he considers his fans as an integral part of his life, someone who knows him inside out. This thoughtfulness and affectionate nature of Jungkook further strengthens the bond between him and ARMYs, creating a sense of warmth and appreciation within the fandom.

In a recent announcement on Weverse, BTS’s Jungkook surprised ARMYs by revealing that he will be holding a special Q&A session where he will be asking the questions. Among the adorable and heartwarming questions, one stood out: “What was the last thing I said in the group chat with the members?” This question left fans both confused and amused, as it seemed that Jungkook momentarily forgot that ARMYs are not actually members of BTS and do not have access to their group chat. While ARMYs may not know the answer to this question, it is a testament to the close bond between Jungkook and his fans that he assumes they would know. This incident highlights the sweet relationship Jungkook has with ARMYs, but also serves as a reminder that they are separate entities.


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