Meet the Judges Determining the Fate of Bakers on ‘Holiday Baking Championship’

Get ready for some holiday baking excitement! Food Network’s popular baking competition series, Holiday Baking Championship, is back with a new season and 12 talented bakers vying for the title and a cash prize of $25,000. Hosted by Jesse Palmer, each week the contestants face delicious challenges judged by a panel of experienced pastry chefs. So, who are the judges controlling the fate of this season’s contestants? Let’s find out!

Holiday Baking Championship: Meet the Judges

Nancy Fuller

Nancy Fuller, an esteemed American chef and businesswoman, is one of the judges on the Holiday Baking Championship. Many viewers may recognize her from the Food Network’s series Farmhouse Rules, where she showcases her culinary expertise in her upstate New York kitchen. Nancy’s deep connection to the Hudson Valley, where she was born and raised, is evident in her farm-to-table approach to cooking. She and her husband, David Ginsberg, own and operate Ginsberg’s Foods, a highly successful food service distributor in the region. Nancy’s passion for using locally sourced ingredients and creating simple yet delicious farm-fresh meals has made her a beloved figure in the culinary world.

Carla Hall

Carla Hall, a renowned chef, best-selling author, and TV personality, brings her wealth of experience to the judging panel of the Holiday Baking Championship. Many may remember Carla from her time on Bravo’s Top Chef and Top Chef: All-Stars, where she showcased her culinary skills and vibrant personality. After a successful modeling career and graduating from Howard University Business School, Carla decided to pursue her passion for cooking. She honed her skills in various kitchens in the Washington, D.C., area and gained recognition as a trained chef. Carla’s infectious energy and unique style captivated audiences when she co-hosted ABC’s The Chew, where she shared her recipes and interviewed renowned chefs. Her creativity and warmth make her a beloved judge on the show.

Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman, a pastry chef and television personality, is a familiar face to fans of the Holiday Baking Championship. Known for his incredible pastry-decorating skills, Duff gained fame through his appearances on the show Ace of Cakes. His passion for baking started at a young age, and he opened Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, Maryland, where his custom creations became works of art. Duff’s expertise and larger-than-life personality have made him a sought-after judge on various baking competitions, including the Holiday Baking Championship and Spring Baking Championship. In addition to his judging roles, Duff also co-hosts and judges the Kids Baking Championship alongside Valerie Bertinelli. With his infectious enthusiasm and love for all things food, Duff continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his culinary adventures.

In conclusion, the Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network features 12 bakers competing for a cash prize and the title of Holiday Baking Champion. Hosted by Jesse Palmer, the show is judged by a panel of experienced pastry chefs, including Nancy Fuller, Carla Hall, and Duff Goldman. Nancy Fuller is known for her show Farmhouse Rules and her commitment to using fresh, local ingredients. Carla Hall gained fame from her time on Top Chef and The Chew, showcasing her culinary skills and vibrant personality. Duff Goldman, known for his incredible pastry-decorating skills, rose to fame on Ace of Cakes and now judges multiple baking competitions. Tune in to Food Network to watch the exciting new season of Holiday Baking Championship and see who will be crowned the champion.

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