How to Use the Boombox in Lethal Company? What is the Boombox in Lethal Company?

In the multiplayer game “Lethal Company,” the Boombox is a valuable tool used to distract and manipulate monsters. This special item, costing 60 credits, plays music to attract blind creatures like Eyeless Dogs and Hygroderes. By strategically placing and activating the Boombox, players can divert these monsters away from their ship and control their movements. However, caution must be exercised as the Boombox can be lost, so it’s important to weigh the potential loot against its expense. Discover how to effectively use the Boombox in “Lethal Company” to enhance your gameplay.

Boombox in “Lethal Company”


The Boombox in “Lethal Company” is a unique item that serves a practical purpose in dealing with specific monsters. It is a special device that plays music to distract and manipulate monsters, making it a valuable tool for players in the game. The Boombox can be obtained by spending 60 credits, and while it may seem like a fun and whimsical item, it has strategic importance in the gameplay.

Cost and Practical Purpose

The Boombox comes at a cost of 60 credits, which makes it essential for players to use it strategically. It is not just a mere entertainment device; it has a practical purpose in dealing with two specific monsters: Eyeless Dogs and Hygroderes (slimes). By understanding the behavior of these creatures, players can utilize the Boombox to their advantage and navigate through the game more effectively.

Use Against Eyeless Dogs

Placing Away and Turning On

When facing Eyeless Dogs, players should place the Boombox away from their ship in the afternoon. It is important not to turn it on while walking, as it has limited battery power. By strategically positioning the Boombox, players can create a diversion and attract the attention of the blind Eyeless Dogs.

Attracting Eyeless Dogs

Once the Boombox is turned on and placed, its music acts as a lure for the Eyeless Dogs. These creatures heavily rely on sound, and the captivating melodies emitted by the Boombox divert their attention away from the player’s ship. This allows players to safely navigate through the game without being detected by the Eyeless Dogs.

Use Against Hygroderes (Slimes)

Placing Indoors and Turning On

To effectively deal with Hygroderes (slimes), players should place the Boombox indoors. By turning it on, the music emitted by the Boombox attracts the Hygroderes towards it. This strategic placement helps control the movement of the slimes and keeps them away from the player’s intended path.

Controlling Movement

The Boombox’s ability to draw the attention of the Hygroderes allows players to have better control over their movement. By strategically placing the Boombox and utilizing its music, players can manipulate the slimes’ behavior and ensure they do not pose a threat or hinder the player’s progress.

In conclusion, the Boombox in “Lethal Company” is not just a mere item for entertainment but a valuable tool for manipulating and distracting monsters. By understanding its practical purpose and using it strategically against Eyeless Dogs and Hygroderes, players can enhance their gameplay experience and overcome challenges more effectively.

Lethal Company

Gameplay Overview

Lethal Company is an immersive multiplayer game that takes players on an exhilarating journey through space. In this game, players work together as a crew, traveling from moon to moon in order to gather valuable materials for the Company. The gameplay is centered around meeting profit quotas within a cooperative setting, adding an element of challenge and excitement to the experience. As players progress, they will encounter increasingly dangerous environments, requiring them to strategize and work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Cooperative Space Adventure

Lethal Company offers a unique and captivating cooperative space adventure. Players have the opportunity to form a crew with their friends and embark on a thrilling exploration of the vastness of space. The game combines elements of resource gathering, teamwork, and strategic planning to create an immersive gameplay experience. As players navigate from moon to moon, they must collect materials while racing against the clock. The cooperative nature of the game encourages collaboration and coordination among players, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement.

Teamwork and Communication

Teamwork is a crucial aspect of Lethal Company’s gameplay. As players face hazardous environments and encounter various challenges, effective communication and coordination are essential for success. Working together as a team, players can pool their skills and resources to overcome obstacles and maximize their efficiency. Whether it’s strategizing the best approach to a mission or coordinating actions during intense combat scenarios, strong teamwork and clear communication are key to achieving victory in Lethal Company.

Expanded Teams with Mods

While the base game of Lethal Company supports up to four players in a cooperative mode, the game’s community has created mods that allow for expanded teams. With mods like the Bigger Lobby Mod, players can now expand their crews to include up to 20 members. This opens up new possibilities for larger-scale cooperative gameplay, enabling players to tackle even more challenging missions and explore the vastness of space with a larger group of friends. The ability to customize the game through mods adds a dynamic twist to the cooperative experience, providing players with endless opportunities for collaboration and adventure.

Engaging and Thrilling Multiplayer Experience

Lethal Company offers an engaging and thrilling multiplayer experience that combines the excitement of space exploration with the challenges of cooperative gameplay. The game’s immersive world, rich with detail and danger, keeps players on the edge of their seats as they navigate treacherous environments and encounter formidable adversaries. The cooperative nature of the game fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment, as players work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their objectives. With its blend of resource gathering, teamwork, and the thrill of facing hazardous environments, Lethal Company provides a multiplayer experience that is both captivating and unforgettable.

In “Lethal Company,” the Boombox is a valuable tool that can be used strategically to distract and manipulate monsters, particularly Eyeless Dogs and Hygroderes. By placing the Boombox away from your ship and turning it on, the music attracts these creatures, diverting them from your path. However, it’s important to use the Boombox wisely, considering its cost and the risk of losing it. Lethal Company offers an exciting multiplayer experience where players work together to meet profit quotas in a cooperative space adventure. With its mix of resource gathering, teamwork, and hazardous environments, Lethal Company provides a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a thrilling space adventure with your friends, Lethal Company is the game for you. Use the Boombox strategically to outsmart monsters and fulfill profit quotas, all while exploring the vastness of space. Are you up for the challenge?

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