Hunt Harris Obituary, A Life Well Remembered

Hunt Harris Obituary, Death – The Quad Cities Community Foundation recently mourned the loss of a cherished philanthropist, Harris, and his wife Diane, as they moved from Moline to Naperville. Leaving behind a remarkable legacy, the couple established the Harris Family Foundation by merging their private foundations, a testament to their commitment to community welfare. Trimble Funeral Home at Trimble Pointe announced a memorial service in honor of Harris on Saturday, January 13th, starting at noon. The event will be held at CityView Celebrations on the lower level, located at 701 12th Street, Moline, IL.

Following the service, from 1 to 4 pm, a celebration of life will take place, commemorating Harris’s impact on the community. In a touching gesture, the family has requested that instead of flowers, donations be made to charities. This gesture aligns with Harris’s lifelong dedication to philanthropy and his unwavering support for nonprofit organizations. Harris’s passion for photography shone through his website,, reflecting his love for capturing the beauty of the world.

Remembered not only for his philanthropy but also for his humor, Harris was known to inject levity into serious moments, often offering “puns and inappropriate jokes” during board meetings, eliciting groans from attendees.  Harris leaves behind a profound legacy of generosity, laughter, and dedication to making a difference. His impact on the community will be cherished and remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing him. The memorial service and celebration of his life serve as a testament to the lasting impression he made on the hearts of many.

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