Information about the death of John Parison (1975-2023), a lifetime of dedication

Kansas just lost an unsung hero, who devoted his entire life to the noble mission of saving people. That was Captain John Parison, an experienced and extremely brave firefighter of the Kansas City Fire Department. After more than 20 years of fighting amid red fire, he rested forever at the age of 48, leaving behind endless grief for his family and many comrades.

Information about the death and obituary of Fire Captain John Parison in Kansas City

John Parison, born in 1975 in Kansas, USA, was a long-standing and reputable firefighter within the Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD). He joined the Kansas firefighting force at an early age and swiftly became one of the most outstanding firefighters. Over his more than 20 years of service, he made significant contributions to the rescue and firefighting efforts in Kansas City.

With a strong sense of responsibility, John was always ready to engage in hazardous missions to protect the lives and properties of citizens. Not only that, he also served as a dedicated mentor, assisting in the training of many young firefighters. With his extensive experience and high-level expertise, John was regarded as a cornerstone of the Kansas firefighting force.

His colleagues and KCFD staff deeply respected and admired him for his courage, sense of responsibility, and dedication to his work. He was always willing to assist those around him and treated them with genuine kindness. Therefore, his sudden passing deeply shocked and saddened the entire KCFD family.

On Thursday evening, November 18, 2023, John peacefully passed away at the age of 48 after bravely battling stage IV colorectal cancer. Prior to this, on Wednesday afternoon, KCFD held a solemn ceremony to honor John’s significant contributions and presented a badge to his son, John Parison IV. This was an immensely touching and meaningful event with about 150 close colleagues and John’s family present to witness this traditional ceremony.

As the third generation in a family dedicated to firefighting, young John vowed to follow in his father’s footsteps, dedicating himself entirely to the noble cause of saving lives. Despite the profound sorrow over the loss of his beloved father, he remained resilient and determined to fulfill the mission his father left behind.

The life and career of John Parison will forever serve as a shining example for generations of Kansas firefighters, illustrating bravery, responsibility, and unwavering dedication. Even though he has departed, his legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of his comrades and the people of Kansas.

John Parison’s battle with cancer

John Parison valiantly fought against late-stage colorectal cancer throughout this period. When he first discovered this formidable disease, he was initially shocked and distraught. However, with a strong will, he quickly regained composure and determination to fight.

Throughout his treatment, John maintained an optimistic and positive attitude. Every day, he strived to exercise, maintain a healthy diet, and live moderately to boost his immune system. Additionally, the encouragement from his family, friends, and colleagues provided him with strong motivation to combat the illness.

Despite enduring physical and emotional pain, John persisted in remaining cheerful, optimistic, and performing his daily duties to the best of his abilities. Even in moments of declining health, he pushed himself to continue dedicating himself to the firefighting job he was passionate about.

Until his final moments, John Parison fought bravely, courageously, and never lost hope. He fought with all his might to survive and stay with his beloved family, the dearest people to him. His unwavering battle became an exemplary display of willpower and resilience for everyone around him.

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The bravery and selflessness of Fire Captain John Parison

John Parison was a courageous firefighter willing to sacrifice himself for the community. Throughout his firefighting career, he participated in numerous dangerous rescue missions, fearlessly risking his life to save others.

Once, during a massive fire outbreak in a high-rise apartment building, John fearlessly rushed into the blaze to lead and guide everyone to safety. With courage and quick thinking, he rescued dozens of lives before the flames engulfed the entire building. The fortunate survivors deeply appreciated and were grateful for his sacrifice.

On another occasion, when a traffic accident occurred on the expressway, a vehicle overturned and caught fire. Despite the raging flames engulfing the vehicle, John bravely rushed in to rescue the trapped victims. With courage and skill, he managed to evacuate everyone from the vehicle before it was completely engulfed in flames.

John Parison always willingly risked his own life to protect the lives and properties of citizens. His courage in hundreds of firefighting missions became legendary and served as a bright example for generations of firefighters. Despite his passing, his spirit and legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of his colleagues and the people of Kansas.

Impact on firefighters and the community

The sudden departure of Fire Captain John Parison left an immeasurable sense of grief among colleagues and the Kansas community.

For firefighters, John was not just a colleague but also a mentor with vast experience and skills. He was always ready to guide and assist everyone around him. His passing left everyone deeply saddened and feeling a great loss. They regarded him as a hero, a shining example of bravery and selfless dedication to saving lives.

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For the people of Kansas, John was akin to a national hero. He saved hundreds of lives over the past decades. Every resident of Kansas remembers him as a guardian angel, always there in time to rescue them from danger. His death left many people profoundly sorrowful.

It can be said that the life of John Parison is a symbol of courage, a spirit of responsibility, and a willingness to actively address issues rather than stand aside. He was also a dedicated mentor, imparting knowledge and experience to young firefighters, helping them confidently pursue their paths.

Moving eulogy from the Kansas City Fire Department Director dedicated to John Parison

Ross Grundyson, Director of the Kansas City Fire Department, honored John by saying:

“Courageous, Honorable, Honest, Humble, Knowledgeable, Respectful, and Loving – all these noble qualities were vividly reflected in Captain John Parison. He was devoted and loving to his family, friends, colleagues, and the people of Kansas.”

Friends and former colleagues expressed: “Captain Parison was a kind-hearted man, always caring and compassionate toward everyone. His love and tireless dedication to KCFD, as well as his aspiration for self-improvement, have always been a driving force for everyone.”

Captain John Parison can be regarded as a beacon of responsibility, readiness to proactively solve issues, and a caring advisor imparting knowledge and experience to young firefighters.

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