Irish business magnate Ben Dunne passes away in Dubai

The digital world has been abuzz with the news of Ben Dunne’s passing. Dunne, who hailed from County Cork, had the privilege of being schooled at the Presentation Brothers in Leeside. As a former director of Dunnes Stores, a company he founded alongside his father, Ben Sr., he was a prominent figure in the Irish business community. His business acumen significantly contributed to the growth of the grocery chain. However, his business career took a hit due to his controversial payments to two politicians, Charles Haughey, the former Taoiseach, and Michael Lowry, a former minister of Fine Gael. Consequently, Dunne was obliged to step down from his position at Dunnes Stores. Read on for more details.

Mary, Ben Dunne’s Wife – Who is She?
Mary is the wife of Ben Dunne and together they have a daughter, Caroline, and three sons, Robert, Nicholas, and Mark. Margaret, Ben Dunne’s only surviving sister, is at the helm of one of the wealthiest family businesses in Ireland. “It is with sadness that I confirm the death of Ben in Dubai this morning. It is difficult to come to terms with his loss. In his younger days, he was an excellent sportsman who had a larger-than-life personality,” a close acquaintance disclosed. The Department of Foreign Affairs, on the other hand, only confirmed that it had been “informed of the death of an Irish citizen in Dubai” on Friday night, without providing any additional details.

Apart from his business activities, Dunne was also a keen golfer and hunter. His passing was preceded by that of his brother Frank, who died last year, and his two sisters, Elizabeth and Therese. Sadly, Therese passed away two years after Elizabeth died of a heart attack in 1993. Rumours are circulating that the former director of a renowned retailer passed away in Dubai. The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that they had been informed of the death of an Irish citizen, Ben Dunne, aged 74, in Dubai.

In the aftermath of an incident in Florida, Margaret hired a company to investigate the business accounts that her brother had used to make payments to politicians and others. Despite the fallout, Mr Dunne and Margaret eventually reconciled. A legal dispute was resolved in October 1994, leading to their reconciliation. Margaret held a deep affection for Ben before their disagreement. Dunne, who was born on March 11, 1949, in County Cork, was a former director of Dunnes Stores, a company he co-founded with his father, Ben Sr.

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