Is Ellie and Vito Dating? Who are Strictly Come Dancing’s Ellie and Vito?

Coronation Street’s Ellie Leach and her Strictly Come Dancing partner, Vito Coppola, have been at the center of romance rumors due to their intimate dances and affectionate social media posts. Despite Ellie’s denial, their close relationship continues to spark speculation, with even their former co-star referring to them as “the most beautiful couple.” As fans eagerly await further developments, the duo’s on-screen chemistry and ongoing intrigue leave many questioning the true nature of their connection.

Coronation Street’s Ellie Leach and Strictly Partner Vito Coppola: Romance Rumors and Denials

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola, the dynamic dance duo on Strictly Come Dancing, have been at the center of swirling romance rumors. Ellie, a talented 22-year-old star from Coronation Street, has been partnered with the skilled 31-year-old Italian professional dancer, Vito, since the start of the BBC competition. Their performances have consistently wowed audiences, earning them high scores and praise from the judges. However, their undeniable on-screen chemistry has sparked speculation about a potential romantic relationship between them.

Ellie Addresses Speculation

In response to the persistent rumors, Ellie has come forward to address the speculation surrounding her relationship with Vito. She has made it clear that their close bond is rooted in a deep friendship rather than a romantic connection. Ellie emphasized that any affectionate gestures or social media posts between them should be seen as expressions of their strong friendship and nothing more. She even clarified that a recent cheek kiss was simply a friendly gesture and not indicative of a romantic relationship.

Vito’s Affectionate Nicknames and Explanation

Vito, on the other hand, has playfully bestowed affectionate nicknames upon Ellie, referring to her as “my baby” and “a diamond.” When asked about the meaning behind these endearing terms, Vito explained that he sees Ellie as a “rough diamond” who possesses immense potential and talent. He believes that with the right amount of pressure and guidance, she will shine brightly. While these nicknames may have added fuel to the romance rumors, Vito’s intention was to highlight Ellie’s incredible growth and progress as a dancer.

Affectionate Exchanges and Amanda Abbington’s Comment

Despite Ellie’s denial and Vito’s explanation, their affectionate exchanges both on and off the dance floor have continued to captivate fans. Their social media posts and comments have only served to intensify the speculation surrounding their relationship. Even their former Strictly co-star, Amanda Abbington, added to the intrigue by referring to them as “the most beautiful couple.” While Amanda’s comment may have been made in jest, it further fueled the curiosity of fans who are eager to uncover the truth behind Ellie and Vito’s connection.

On-Stage Chemistry and Fan Speculation

One cannot deny the undeniable chemistry between Ellie and Vito when they perform together on stage. Their mesmerizing routines, including a breathtaking 35-point Rumba, have left audiences in awe and questioning the true nature of their relationship. Fans have been speculating whether their connection goes beyond the dance floor and into their personal lives. As the competition progresses, the intrigue surrounding Ellie and Vito’s relationship continues to grow, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments both on and off the dance floor.

Who are Ellie and Vito from Strictly Come Dancing?

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola are a dynamic dance duo currently captivating audiences on the hit show Strictly Come Dancing. Ellie, a talented 22-year-old star from Coronation Street, has been paired with the skilled 31-year-old Italian professional dancer, Vito, since the beginning of the BBC competition. Together, they have been delivering mesmerizing performances that have left both the judges and viewers in awe.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola’s Dance Duo

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola make for an incredible dance duo on Strictly Come Dancing. Their partnership has been marked by exceptional chemistry and synchronization, which has translated into breathtaking routines on the dance floor. Week after week, they have impressed the judges with their technical skills, artistry, and ability to bring their unique personalities to each performance. Their dedication and hard work have made them a force to be reckoned with in the competition.

Impressive Dancing Skills and Dating Rumors

While Ellie and Vito’s dancing skills have been the talk of the town, their on-screen chemistry has sparked persistent rumors about a potential romantic relationship. Their electrifying performances and the undeniable connection they share have led fans to speculate about the true nature of their bond. However, it is important to note that the dating rumors remain unconfirmed, and both Ellie and Vito have maintained that their close relationship is rooted in a deep friendship and mutual respect. Regardless of the rumors, there is no denying the magic they create on the dance floor, captivating audiences week after week with their incredible talent and undeniable chemistry.

Are Ellie and Vito Single?

As fans speculate about the potential romance between Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola, it’s natural to wonder about their relationship statuses outside of the dance floor. Let’s take a closer look at their personal lives.

Vito’s Relationship Status

Vito Coppola, the talented Italian professional dancer, is currently unattached. He recently ended his relationship with Arisa, his partner on the Italian version of the dancing show, Ballando con le Stelle, in 2021. Despite their split in 2022, Vito maintains an amicable relationship with Arisa. In an interview with Italian publication Mio, he described them as still “friendly” and on “good terms.” As Vito focuses on his journey on Strictly Come Dancing, he is fully committed to giving his best on the dance floor.

Ellie’s Relationship Status and Focus on Strictly

Ellie Leach, the talented star from Coronation Street, is reportedly single. She ended her five-year relationship with boyfriend Reagan Pettman in May 2023. Opening up about her journey on Strictly, Ellie expressed her focus on personal growth and self-discovery. She sees this experience as an opportunity to give 100% of herself to the competition and to enjoy the process. Ellie is excited to gain extra self-confidence through her performances on Strictly Come Dancing. As she navigates the competition and the rumors surrounding her relationship with Vito, Ellie remains dedicated to her own growth and the pursuit of her dancing dreams.

In conclusion, the ongoing speculation surrounding the relationship between Strictly Come Dancing’s Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola continues to captivate fans. Despite Ellie’s insistence that their close connection is rooted in friendship, their affectionate exchanges and on-stage chemistry fuel the dating rumors. While Vito is currently single after ending his relationship with Arisa, Ellie is also reportedly single after her recent breakup. As the competition progresses, audiences eagerly await further developments both on and off the dance floor, leaving the true nature of their connection open to interpretation.


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