Isabella de la Houssaye died : A Legacy of Endurance and Courage

Isabella de la Houssaye, a beloved resident of Lawrenceville, New Jersey, has sadly passed away. Isabella was an extraordinary individual known for her indomitable spirit and enduring strength. A mother, wife, business owner, and endurance athlete, she lived her life to the fullest despite battling Stage IV lung cancer.

A Battle Against Cancer

Isabella was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer two years ago. Despite her diagnosis, she continued to live her life with courage and determination, climbing mountains and participating in marathons. Her fight against cancer was as much a testament to her spirit as her incredible athletic feats.

An Inspirational Athlete

Isabella was not just a triathlete but also a climber, marathoner, and long-distance runner5. Even after her cancer diagnosis, she continued to participate in endurance events, including the Riyadh Marathon, where she and her niece, Ella Frantzen, crossed the finish line an hour apart.

A Cherished Family Member

Isabella leaves behind her husband, David Crane, and their five children. She was a devoted mother who raised her children on adventure. Her adventures took on new meanings as she battled lung cancer. Her loss is deeply felt by her family and the community that loved her.

A Legacy of Strength and Determination

Isabella’s life and her battle with cancer have left an enduring legacy. Her strength, determination, and love for life will continue to inspire those who knew her and those who will come to know her story in the years to come.

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