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J.J. Jonathan Spradley Obituary, Death – The untimely death of J.J. Jonathan Spradley on Thanksgiving has devastated our family and friends, as you may already know. J.J. was a remarkable human being whose boundless generosity shone through. No matter the time of day, he was always happy to lend a hand. A hallmark of his character was his dogged determination to provide for his loved ones. I think it is our moral obligation to come together in the wake of this tragic loss and provide comfort to DeDe and J.J.’s children.

To finalize plans for the kids’ Christmas, I recently got in touch with a family friend we all know. We must all do our part to honor J.J.’s memory by making this Christmas special for his kids Since the children have asked for or are in need of certain items, I am contacting each of you to ask for your help in acquiring them. Their Christmas will be much brighter because of your generosity in providing these presents.

We can make sure they get the best, I promise, because J.J. would have wanted it that way. To discuss the items you can contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me by private message or by calling 386-623-4059. If I am successful in collecting all donations by December 20th, I will have plenty of time to get them to their destinations before Christmas Eve. In this time of great loss, let us unite as a community to comfort J.J.’s loved ones and celebrate his life.

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